Raquel González: Bio

Raquel González

Raquel González has the size, strength and bad attitude to push any Superstar in WWE past her breaking point.

Standing 6-feet tall, with muscles rippling throughout, the towering Texan does what she wants, when she wants, and there’s little anyone can do to stop her. As the daughter of longtime wrestler Ricky “Desperado” González, Raquel was all but certain to be a future Superstar. That moment finally arrived in 2017, when she appeared on the WWE Universe’s radar for the first time as a competitor in the inaugural Mae Young Classic Tournament.

That González — a demure youngster, still a newcomer to the WWE Performance Center — bears little resemblance to the enforcer the NXT Universe knows her as today. Her change in attitude is largely due to her association with Dakota Kai, a partnership that came into view at TakeOver: Portland when González helped Kai defeat bitter rival Tegan Nox.

Indeed, Kai should count herself lucky to be the lone woman in all WWE who doesn’t have to worry about suffering González’s wrath. While Kai stirs up trouble and makes enemies, González stands menacingly by her side, the bruising heavy who’s willing to do Kai’s bidding.

Their partnership may not be popular with NXT fans, but González has enjoyed her greatest success since linking up with Kai, even notching a milestone pinfall over NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai to claim victory in the second-ever Women’s WarGames Match.

With González eager to impose her will, expect a mess of competition to be left in this fast-rising Superstar’s rearview.

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