Nick Miller: Bio

Nick Miller

Equally capable of executing eye-popping moves as he is carrying out dastardly strategies inside the ring, Nick Miller is a menace to anyone who stands across the ring from him.

Perhaps no one knows that better than the man who’s had Miller’s back for years, tag team partner and fellow Aussie Shane Thorne. Together, Miller & Thorne traveled the world, conquering the toughest tag team competition and developing one of sports-entertainment’s slickest and most sophisticated tandem arsenals (including their devastating finisher, Thunder Valley).

Their reputation preceded them by the time they made their long-anticipated NXT debut in May 2016. Before long, NXT fans realized that the buzz surrounding the team known as TM61 was well-deserved. However, after a run of bad luck — including a severe leg injury to Thorne that sidelined the team for a year — the duo changed their ways. Instead of fighting fairly, the once-noble Miller & Thorne began breaking rules and taking cheap shots to achieve victories. Rechristening themselves as The Mighty, they insisted that all other teams in the black-and-yellow brand kneel before them. 

Just don’t expect Miller & Thorne to return the favor. The Mighty, as they’re happy to remind everyone, don’t kneel.

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