Matt's Mailbag for 9/26

Since his arrival in World Wrestling Entertainment, Matt Hardy's daredevil antics and never say die attitude have made him one of the most popular Superstars of all time. WWE Fans have supported Matt through thick and thin. Through the emotional events in his personal life to his amazing triumphs in the ring, the fans and Matt Hardy have always stood together. 

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Matt's Mailbag for September 26, 2006

I can't wait for No Mercy because I am looking forward to seeing Undertaker get his hands on Mr. Kennedy. What's going to happen when that loudmouth meets the Deadman? Also, have you ever faced Undertaker?
-Michael in Wichita

I've got a feeling the loudmouth won't be quite as loud after No Mercy. I am actually very interested to see what level of intensity Mr. Kennedy brings to the ring when he faces the Undertaker. If the loudmouth isn't careful, he'll rest in peace after October 8th. As far as facing the Undertaker, yes I have, several times. I've got my fair share of beatings from the Deadman, but I am also one of the few people who have defeated the WWE legend. I actually scored a pinfall on the Undertaker in a Falls Count Anywhere match on Smackdown a couple of years ago. Wrestling against the Undertaker was an honor and an amazing learning experience. If I ever have to get in a ring with the Undertaker again, hopefully I'll be his partner and not his opponent.

Dear Matt,
What do you like to do on a first date with a prospective new girlfriend?          
-Kim in Pensacola, FL

As far as the actual activities go, something simple like dinner and some drinks. If it's the first time I'm really hanging out with a prospective new girlfriend, I want to be in an environment where we can talk and get comfortable with one another. I like to just get a feel of who she is more than anything else. First and foremost, I want to get the vibe that she is a good person. What interests me is someone laid back, low on the drama scale, real, courteous, modest, and into taking care of themselves. Regardless of how many of these qualities she has, I always do my best on a first date to create the best experience possible. After the original plans end, depending on how we mesh, I'm always up for anything. Some girls and guys set rules about getting physical on a first date, not me. Hell, if things go good enough, I'll pass my riding partners off to someone else and take it to the house. Just ask "The Reject" Shannon Moore, HA!

Hey Matt,
I was just thinking, you've been in WWE for a long time now and you've probably seen hundreds of arenas. What do you think is the best or nicest arena you have ever performed in, and what do you think is the worst you've ever performed in while a member of WWE?
-Shawn in Dover, Delaware

Good question Shawn. As far as the nicest arena I've performed in, it's kind of hard to narrow it down to just one. All of the newer arenas that have brand new dressing, catering, training, and showering facilities all rank about the same. The worst arena I've ever performed in while with the WWE, hands down, was in the Dominican Republic. In Santo Domingo, the arena maintained a temperature of almost 100 degrees, had no running water, and no working toilets. The toilets were also open in the locker room. If someone had to use the bathroom, that scent stayed in the dressing room all night. There were also bugs, flies, and insects everywhere. We kept our gear bags off the floor and on benches, mostly due to fear of insects crawling in our clothes, and spreading germs in our bags. It was brutal, definitely the worst environment I've had to perform in.

Dear Matt,
Has there ever been any Superstars that you just couldn't beat or that you couldn't have a good match with?
-Eric in Niagara Falls

I answer "no", to both of those questions. I don't think there's any WWE superstar that I couldn't beat on any given night, as long as things are going my way. As far as having good matches, I feel like I'm one of the most adaptable wrestlers ever. Regardless of what style I'm facing in the squared circle, I feel like I can always adapt and wrestle the style needed. Some wrestlers are really good in one style and that's it. I've performed against almost every style known to man: high fliers, brawlers, technicians, powerhouses and giants. I've been in almost every match possible: singles, tag, intergender, handicap, elimination, ladder, table, cage, no disqualification, hardcore, falls count everywhere and of course, TLC. I feel like I'm versatile enough to always do what needs to be done to make any match as exciting as possible. I want part of my legacy to be: "Matt Hardy, the guy who could have a great match with anyone". I take pride in being able to have a great match with anyone, whether it's Rey Mysterio or The Big Show.

Dear Matt,
I am so sad that Trish has decided to retire but it was cool seeing her go out on top at Unforgiven. What are your thoughts on the lifetime WWE Women's Champion?
-Stacy in San Diego

I personally thought it was cool to see Trish go out on top at Unforgiven as well. Trish really put together an amazing career for herself. I was there the very first day Trish Stratus walked in the door at the WWE, and was also one of the first people she worked with. Trish led her team of Test and Albert against Jeff and I, with Miss Stratus being nothing more than a valet. She was always a hard worker and fast learner from day one. Her goal was always to be a wrestler, so she was constantly taking strides to move her career in that direction. And she did move in that direction, quickly. I'll go on record right now and say, in my opinion, that Trish is the most well-rounded WWE Diva in history. And not only did she go out on top professionally, she went out on top personally. If you look down the list of the most successful WWE Divas ever, quite a few of them had major personal issues that stained their legacies. Trish left with class and integrity, in a very graceful way. My best wishes go out to the beautiful and talented Miss (soon to be Mrs., ha) Stratus in the next chapter of her life. We'll miss you!

Glad all of you dropped in this week to check out the latest installment of Matt's Mailbag. Keep the questions rolling in, and I'll keep answering them. I also want to thank the fans from Montreal last week, who showed lots of love for the Sensei of Mattitude. Thanks for all the support, past, present and future…my best years are coming. See ya next week amigos... - Matt

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