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Since his arrival in World Wrestling Entertainment, Matt Hardy's daredevil antics and never say die attitude have made him one of the most popular Superstars of all time. WWE Fans have supported Matt through thick and thin. Through the emotional events in his personal life to his amazing triumphs in the ring, the fans and Matt Hardy have always stood together. 

Dear Matt,
This is my favorite time of year. Halloween. This year I'm going as the Boogeyman, minus the real worms. What was your favorite Halloween experience as a kid?
Shawn in Tuscon, AZ

I don't really have one particularly favorite Halloween moment as a kid, I just always loved the holiday and going trick or treating. Living out in the country as I do, Jeff and I would pile up in my Dad's car and hit the neighborhood for candy. It's amazing how fun it is to go trick or treating when you're a kid. I remember one year I was set on being a robot for Halloween, and I asked Jeff what he wanted to be. Jeff said he wanted to be a witch, which I thought was strange even then. I tried to talk him into being my robot partner, but he got upset and said all he wanted to be was a witch. So a witch he was, with a broom and all that. I also remember going to a haunted house for the very first time and having the feces scared out of me. That was so much fun. If I go into a haunted house nowadays, some of the ghouls come out of their gimmicks and say "Dude, you're Matt Hardy!" Kinda takes away from the thrill of getting in that mood, you know. Anyways, have a great Halloween as the Boogeyman Shawn--and try at least one real worm for me! 

I saw on the WWE website that the new SmackDown vs. RAW video game is coming out in November. I was wondering if you play the wrestling games? And also, what do you think of your character in the game?
Shawn in Portland, Maine

I have a few of the WWE wrestling video games, but I'm not an avid player. I have seen the graphics and characters from the new SmackDown vs. Raw video game and mine is absolutely amazing. The resemblance is uncanny. I think the designers did an incredible job creating the man who "will not die", Matt Hardy. I actually am featured in the new WWE magazine in an article discussing the SD vs. Raw 07 game. I can't believe how far games and graphics have come since my old Atari 2600. I think technology will eventually just get to the point where the video game looks like you're watching actual WWE programming on television. With these latest graphics, it doesn't seem that far away actually.

I've noticed that since Vito started wearing a dress, he's been pretty much undefeated. If it meant you could start getting a few title shots, would you wear a dress in the ring?
Vanessa in Talahassee, FL


Have you considered having a manager in your corner on SmackDown? If you could have any manager in WWE to represent you, who would it be?
Alex in Cape Cod

I think I'll give two answers to this question, one male manager, and one female manager. If I had to pick a male manager, and although he not a manager per say right now, I'll pick Paul Heyman. When Paul was with Brock, Brock's career really took off. When Paul was with Big Show on Smackdown, Big Show seemed the most dangerous he's ever been. Now that Mr. Heyman is associated with Big Show in ECW, the ECW Champion is once again dominate and on top of his game. There's just something that Paul E. does that brings out the best in people. As a manager, he is extremely effective. Is Paul morally correct? No, but unfortunately neither is the sports-entertainment business. Sometimes I feel my lack of cold heartedness and moral obligation is what slows me down in my journey to the top of sports-entertainment. Maybe a dangerous alliance with Paul Heyman is just what I need to catapult me to the upper echelon of the WWE. As far as a female manager, or valet, I think I would choose Michelle McCool. Ms. McCool is a natural athlete who is beautiful, smart, and tough. As a valet, she would be able to hold her own against any other girl in the opposition's corner. Michelle is also the kind of valet that you wouldn't have to constantly worry about during your match because she's not weak or defenseless. She has the potential to be phenomenal within the ring - something that most divas don't necessarily have the potential to do these days. If Miss McCool can continue to learn and grow on the current path she's on, she's going to be one of the best divas ever. All of those ingredients translate into a good valet for a complimenting wrestler. But if she were to be my valet, we might have to tweak the whole teacher image to mesh more with Matt Hardy...

Your brother Jeff is defending his title at Cyber Sunday. Who are you voting for to face him? I'm picking Shelton Benjamin.
Adam from Fort Wayne, In

Good question Adam. I've actually seen Jeff in the ring with Shelton before, and I've seen him in the ring with Nitro several times, so my vote goes to Carlito. I know it's a little bit of an odd match with two fan favorites, but I think Jeff Hardy versus Carlito will be one helluva matchup. I'll vote for Carlito, and he's my pick to win the voting by a pretty strong margin.
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This week's quote-

"If you're not getting better, you're getting worse." - Matt Hardy, translated from my high school football coach, M.D. Gutherie

Thanks for checking out Matt's Mailbag this week. I'm getting ready for a huge tour of Europe next week, and I can't wait to see all my European MFer's! Take care, and be well...  


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