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I hope everyone is well and happy. I have been on an amazing high for the last couple of weeks following my night of retribution at Unforgiven. I was able to overcome every challenge and every obstacle that was thrown in front of me - I thought it was over. It isn't. This Monday, on the biggest RAW ever, as RAW returns home to the USA Network, I have one more challenge to overcome. I face Adam Copeland, Edge, in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match where the loser must leave RAW.  It will be the last obstacle in ending this issue with Edge once and for all.

If I win, I will never have to deal with Adam Copeland again. I take away what's most precious to him - his career, his quest to be the WWE Champion, his spotlight and notoriety, the only things he truly lives for. Because deep down, he doesn't care about anything else. Edge doesn't care about his friends, Lita, his co-workers, his relationships - he just selfishly cares about himself and his own accolades. A win Monday also means I secure a guaranteed shot at the WWE Championship - something that doesn't happen that often. It could be the opportunity that takes my career to the next level - an opportunity to become the WWE Champion. As most of you know, my goal from day one has been to one day be the best in the business, which means being the WWE Champion. How ironic would it be if this tragic situation leads me to my dream?

If I lose, I will be forced to leave RAW. I don't like the sound of that. So just like I said before the cage match - this Monday at Homecoming it's time for Matt Hardy to put in the performance of a lifetime...again. I've always defied the odds and somehow beat the system from day one - I don't plan on that changing now. How many of you thought I would be having show-stealing matches in WWE right now when I was released from the company back in April? Probably not very many of you. I always believed I would find my way back home to WWE bigger than before, and I did. This Monday isn't the end of my career, it will be a new beginning that will catapult me to the next level.

The dynamic between Matt Hardy and Adam Copeland is the most unique ever. As much as I personally hate him for all the pain and trouble he's put me through, something special happens when we get in a WWE ring together. I'm positive the Ladder Match this Monday on RAW won't be any different. I have had some incredible matches with Edge, but I would trade those in if I knew I would never have to see or deal with him again. And after this Monday night, I won't have to anymore.  Be well everyone, and until then...

Matt Hardy

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