Jordan Myles: Bio

Jordan Myles

Going the extra mile isn’t a test for Jordan Myles; it’s just all part of his game.

Standing at 5-foot-9 and weighing 200 pounds, Myles has a reputation for being the landlord of the high-rent district, possessing the kind of video game-like aerial offense that almost warrants supervision by air-traffic control. Before racking up frequent flyer miles became his calling card, the well-travelled high-flyer made a name for himself in his hometown of Austin, Texas, where he competed on the indies as a burgeoning star in the making. From there, Myles went on to stun audiences all over the world, laying over a decade of groundwork and capturing countless championships. 

The footprints laid within the decorated speedster’s hard-fought, 13-year journey is why he never ceases from flashing a Colgate smile. Of course, he found new meaning for that infectious grin in 2019, when he joined the WWE Performance Center. He would later leave a lasting impression at WWE Worlds Collide, competing against fellow world-class highflyers Gran Metalik and Ligero before settling in as an NXT Superstar.

These days, the one goal on the supercharged Superstar’s agenda is ensuring that victory is in Myles’ reach.

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