Diary of Violence - 7/1/06

ECW ECW ECW. What else can I say? I had a great time going home to the ECW Arena. The atmosphere was awesome. I never have been overwhelmed with emotion so much before walking through the curtain. Your response to me was an amazing moment that I will cherish forever. I had so much personal stuff happening that day and it hit me all at once. Once I got settled in and realized that I was with my Extreme family, I was able to soak it all in and enjoy my most famous arena. It was like a reunion for me seeing so many familiar faces. I was very happy to be able to speak to everyone again and take the time to express my feelings and emotions of the day. Thanks again.
The arena crowd definitely expressed their opinions as I knew they would. (Awesome) I enjoyed and watched many of the matches. FBI vs. Doring and Roadkill set the tone with a very competitive match. Steven Richards got the star reaction he definitely deserves. CM Punk was finally introduced to the main roster. He and Steven had a strong match. I think Punk will be a player in the New ECW. Steven is a star reborn, anytime you see him on a show he busts his ass to get the job done.

Quick shout out to Trinity, sorry you got hurt. I hope the surgery went well. You are one tough bitch and you showed it when you walked to the back with a broken knee. (She's Hardcore)

Mike Knoxx and Balls Mahoney was interesting. This newcomer has talent and escaped serious head trauma courtesy of a chair shot. I did not watch the rest of the show because I was preparing for my own match.

Big Show, the ECW fans Hate You. I will make you an Extreme Giant or die trying. You think you got me, the fun has just begun. We are coming back to Philly on July 4th. Watch your back. I will take you on an extreme ride. (Maybe I'll throw some M80's at him or put them down his pants like in the cartoons, ha ha.) Seriously you will know what being in ECW is all about come the 4th.

I loved RVD and Kurt. I watched it, just like I always used to watch the ECW main events. I was at the edge of my seat and jumped up several times. I loved both guys athletic ability and they had a good match. My favorite part of going home was the atmosphere. You people rock. Your chants and brazen attitude is what makes ECW. Do not stop being you and I will not stop being me.
Finally, thanks to all the people that showed up at Bookends for me and Paul's book signing. I got in a lot of trouble with the WWE suits for choking, chopping and slamming the fans during photo-ops. No problem, I will take the heat. I can not let the McMan keep me down(Ha,Ha,Ha).

Tommy Dreamer

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