Diary of Violence - 12/16/06

Sorry it has been so long since my last entry but I continue to be at a loss for words. ECW has been very crazy as of late.

We had a lot of slogans in the old ECW. ECF'NW Of Course You Know This Means War. This no longer applies. There are no wrestling wars right now. Politically Incorrect and Damn Proud of It. This no longer applies. Experience The Difference no longer applies either. We have only two more that can hold true: It's Not For Everyone and Join the Revolution.

It is this simple, I get the newspaper delivered to my home everyday. I read backwards. I read the sports first, then the comics and then scan the front pages for something interesting. Life has too many troubles for me to read about other people's miseries. I try very hard to be positive. Television shows should be an escape from reality. Bottom line, if you do not like what you see on TV, do not watch it. You would fall into the It's Not for Everyone category. Please do not be a critic just tune out, or maybe you can Join the Revolution and try to do something about it.

Every time I go out in front of an ECW audience, I continue to fight for what I believe in. If it reminds people of what ECW was or is I will continue to try. If it means getting hit harder or hitting someone hard I do. You can't just sit back and die. I know I have the same feeling as guys in the lockeroom and the millions of ECW fans out there. The connection I have with the old ECW audience is you are my family. The connection I have with the new ECW audience is that they are my family. I am willing to fight to the death for them, just like I did in the old ECW. I am sure WWE has many ways to listen to its audience. 

The web is a great thing. I have seen very interesting polls on this very web site. I have been the leader of a Revolution before, and I ask for your continued support. If you see something you like on the show, enjoy it, if not, then do something about it. Fight the fight.


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