Diary of Violence - 11/20/06

I know that in my last Diary I said that I would write many things about ECW. I am still putting it all down, but something else has come up that needs to be addressed. This Diary is directly addressed to the next generation of WWE Superstars, independent wrestlers and anyone that wants to be in sports-entertainment.

There are many things that have been lost and forever changed in today's industry. One thing that cannot be lost is RESPECT. This includes respect for people that opened the door for you to be doing something that you love.

The first-ever closed circuit telecast was something called Starrcade. This was before pay-per-view. Ric Flair was in the main event. "Rowdy" Roddy Piper was in the main event of the first-ever WrestleMania. Respect is something that is earned and these guys have done that.

Recently, I watched Ric Flair and Roddy Piper wait last on line to go through customs to board an airplane. Nobody thought of saying, "Hey guys, wanna go in front of me?" This was the same occurrence at hotels, food lines and then again at the end of the tour going back through customs. If you are a 25-year-old wrestler and your body is sore, how sore do you think a guy's body is that has been wrestling for 25 years? It wasn't done purposely, but you need show respect all the time.

I know the idea of respect is taught in both developmental systems. Jim Cornette taught it, Nightmare Danny Davis teaches it, The Assassin Joe Hamilton teaches and so does Bill DeMott. I do not know what makes someone think that once they make it to the main roster in any brand that they are on the same level as the people who have been there. Again, nobody does things deliberately, but you cannot let yourself forget what respect is.

There is a hierarchy in the developmental systems, just like there is in the real work place. If you worked at McDonalds for a couple of weeks, bumped a couple of garbage bags on the floor and said to your manager, "you throw this out," how long do you think you'd last?

Nine times out of ten when you offer a common courtesy to a Superstar, they decline, but you have shown that you have respect. If you do not know what some people have done in the past, go to the internet or watch WWE 24/7.

Here is a quick wrestling lesson. I am also not kissing anybody's ass here. Many people do not remember the whole attitude era in WWE and think that these people just have political stroke. I say bullshit. The people I am about to mention earned their respect in the ring.

HBK. He carried WWE on his back, eventually breaking it. He is one of the greatest performers of all time. When the Monday Night Wars were going on, he performed night after night until WWE eventually took back over in the ratings and never looked back. If you think that HBK was always the company poster boy, he was not. HBK was a true rebel. He is open with his past demons and often fought with management. He deserves respect.

Dean Malenko. Anyone that is less than six feet tall should thank him. Without Dean, Chris Benoit or Eddie Guerrero, smaller wrestlers would not be given a shot in the business.

Tim White. You may think that the former referee that you saw committing suicide every week on WWE.com was just a referee. Tim White was responsible for getting every pay-per-view supplier to carry WrestleMania III. He did this by calling every cable company in America. It took him 4 months, but he made it possible for you to watch that and every other pay-per-view that comes into your home.

Triple H. During the Monday Night Wars, his friends Scott Hall and Kevin Nash had their last match in Madison Square Garden. They all toasted each other in the ring. Triple H was in the doghouse for sometime after that. Nobody should ever forget the classic pigpen matches with the Godwins. He went on, though, to become the greatest Superstars this business has ever seen.

Edge, Matt and Jeff Hardy. These young talents were all being groomed to be the next generation of stars. Without them, who even knows if there would even be a WWE. These guys, along with the Dudley Boys, Christian and the APA all took tag team wrestling to the next level. How can you wait in a line and not let any of these people ahead of you?

The list goes on and on. Kane, Hardcore Holly, Steve Keirn, Ricky Steamboat. I will offer a common courtesy to John Cena and Randy Orton because I enjoy watching them perform. They have carried the company already, and will carry it into the future. Please do not ever let RESPECT for the industry die. If it does, so does the business. One day, when you are on top of the world and someone does not recognize your accomplishments, you will know what I am talking about.

This business is spitting out wrestlers rapidly. Many people can claim that they were a wrestler or were in the business, but few people can claim that they made a career out of wrestling. And those who can, all have RESPECT.


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