Diary of Violence - 11/04/06

I found out that my Diary of Violence is one of the most viewed things on ECW.com. I would like to thank everyone that reads it and hope your support continues.

The one thing about traveling so much is that your sleep gets really screwed up. I believe I now have insomnia. It is 4 a.m. as I write this so please excuse any incoherent babble. I really think that someone should put on something interesting on late night TV. I cannot watch another infomercial.

According to my late night TV watching, I can loose weight, grow hair, make money from real estate, find God, clean my house better, make more money by buying books that tell me how to make more money, with that money I can purchase quarters that cost hundreds of dollars (who is getting rich on that one?), and with all this money I have I can watch girls go wild without ever showing me anything really wild. Confusing, huh? I haven't slept; think of how hard it was to explain that.

Now for something serious, when you are so close to something and have passion for what you do, your emotions sometimes get the better of you. That is why fighting with loved ones is so hard. Your deep-rooted emotion always gets the better of you. I have been biting my tongue lately, but I am reaching my boiling point. I am going to take advice from my dead grandmother and, for this week only, use it. She would say, "If you don't have something nice to say to someone, compliment them on something positive."

I will address ECW rumors, live events, December to Dismember and the future direction I see things going forward when I return from Europe in two weeks. So again, using my dead grandmother's advice I like the new entranceway (as seen on ECW on Sci Fi). It looks cool. Also, I really liked the Halloween graphics on the show - very old school Halloween Havoc type. I liked the grainy look.

I have a match this week against Test on ECW on Sci Fi. I hope you all watch it and enjoy. In the meantime, thanks for the support again. It means the world to me.


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