Diary of Violence - 10/14/06

If anyone wants to know what it is like to be a professional wrestler, I will let you know my upcoming schedule.

I have a flight at 6:45 a.m. on Saturday morning, which basically means I will get up at 4:30 and I will drive to the airport which takes about an hour. Then, I'll fly six hours to Phoenix where I will wait for Sandman to arrive (about another hour after I get there). The both of us will then drive 110 miles to Tucson for an autograph session early in the day. We will both wrestle that night in Tucson and after the show, we'll drive 110 miles back to Phoenix, sleep and get up early go to the gym and then do a show in Phoenix on Sunday.

Sunday night I will fly to Los Angeles. I land about 11:00 p.m. and will find a hotel to sleep in and then get up early and go to the gym, just in time to make my way to Raw/SmackDown taping at the Staples Center. After the show, I'll then board a plane and fly to Japan. I land in Japan Tuesday evening and endure a two-hour bus ride from the airport to the hotel, then sleep and try to find a gym before competing on both Wednesday and Thursday in Japan.

On Friday, I fly from Japan to Hawaii; once I land, it is straight to the hotel to drop my bags off, then back on a bus to the arena. On Saturday, I get to fly from Hawaii to Chicago. So, I get in on Sunday then fly from Chicago to St. Louis; I will wrestle on Tuesday in St.Louis.

I have the first flight out next Wednesday morning and I arrive back in New York around noon. Of course, I will then drive from the airport to my house and finally be back home around 3:30 in the afternoon. I will be back on the road for an ECW live event on Friday, then I will be on the road for the following four days, returning on Halloween. I do not know how many hours of travel that is. I do not know how many miles I will travel. But, I have calculated that I will be home for approximately eight days in the month of October. Also, on Oct. 28, I will celebrate my first-ever match. I would never think that I would still be wrestling on that date. Look out, Racine, Wisconsin -- I will be going nuts.

Back to the travel, if anyone thinks this schedule is demanding, it is. If anyone thinks I will be extremely exhausted, I will be. If anyone thinks I would give this up, you are out of your mind. I would not change a thing. This is the business I love. I SACRIFICE MY HEART, BODY AND SOUL, AND TIME WITH MY FAMILY AND EVERYTHING I'VE GOT FOR YOU, THE ECW FAN.

Thanks for supporting me and my extreme quest for all these years.

Editorial note: The Diary of Violence will return in two weeks following ECW's tour of Japan. Check back on Oct. 28 for the next installment of Dreamer's Diary.


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