Diary of Violence - 10/7/06

The new ECW is about three months old and I will give my quarterly review of who I feel is the most improved in ECW. (ECW originals do not count, if so I would give it to Sabu.)

I hate to admit it, but Test has to be the most improved wrestler in ECW. Night after night, he continues to have some of the best matches. The match he and Rob Van Dam had on ECW on Sci Fi was great. I remember the first time I saw Test he was this jacked up guy with a mullet debut in WWE. I said to myself, "what a typical WWE wrestler." During that time period, a lot of guys entered sports-entertainment based on height and size. That would usually compensate for their lack of in-ring skills. Test was Motley Crue's bodyguard before wrestling and he had very little experience.

Test was part of a tag team with Albert and had Trish Stratus as their manager. I believe the team was called T & A. - it is funny how people evolve; all three went on to bigger and better things. Test broke his neck and was out of the WWE for some time. He could have rested on his claims to fame (his two biggest being: 1) almost marrying Stephanie McMahon, and 2) dating Stacey Keibler). Instead, he got himself in better shape and really stepped up his in-ring skills. Now, he faces a different ECW guy every night and really tears the roof of the place. Test also does a great job of letting the crowds know his real personality. It is very easy to hate Test. Test is arrogant, conceited, rich and flaunts it.

Test has quickly become a major player in ECW and for that I respect him. I love beating the crap out of Test whenever I get the chance. He already has three scars on his body from our matches (I hold them as medals of honor). Test has all the tools to be a champion on any brand - RAW, Smackdown, or ECW. Test vs. John Cena. Test vs. King Booker or Batista. Test, if you are reading this, please stay in ECW. I really want to make your face bleed and love trying.

The Hardcore Legend Mick Foley always has a good Test story and we would always laugh about it. Test is having the last laugh (at my expense because I have not pinned him yet… I hope this is not another Dreamer vs. Raven saga). I predict - and anyone that knows what I did in ECW knows how much this pains me to say - but Test will continue his quest to become the most dominating person in ECW.


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