Diary of Violence - 9/15/06

The entire buzz this past week was about MSG. It felt amazing and was a really good show. You can read more about it on the ECW.com homepage. I was very happy for Sandman, Balls Mahoney and CM Punk. Punk had a really good match and the ECW fans of NYC let him know it.

In my column last week, I left with a hardcore cliffhanger. Many fans as well as wrestlers came up to me and asked who the huge WWE Superstar is that wanted to be in ECW? I have to let you hang on for a couple of more seconds. I also asked for the fans to email WWE.com with their answers. I was told by the suits that it took time to do that and you the fan, were not able to do that. I guess that is why Vince McMahon thinks that this website sucks. I got to give props to Michael Cole for firing back to Vince. Hey, Cole, let me know what Vince's ass cheeks taste like in a couple of weeks. I thought I was the only person to piss off the boss on this website.

Actually, I give this website a lot of credit at times. Does anyone think that any player on the New York Yankees gets to voice their displeasures about George Steinbrenner on their website? I do feel that this website has made great strides in reporting news. If Michael Cole says it is going to get better, then I believe him. If it doesn't, then we all know who to blame. Feel the pressure, Michael Cole. Feel the pressure.

I have been in ECW since the beginning. I know a lot of things that have never been made public. I asked the person for permission if I could talk about how close they came to joining ECW. The person who was a huge ECW fan and came very close to joining was…Trish Stratus.

Trish was trying to break into the wrestling industry and really wanted to join ECW, but she did not know how to contact anyone. She met former Extremist Raven at a comic book convention and they got to talking. Raven told her that he would speak to Paul Heyman and pass her pictures to Tazz or me. At the time, Raven was battling his personal demons and basically left the pictures and forgot about her. This probably saved Trish a neckache because I would have eventually piledrove her in some ECW ring. (I did it to all the girls that came to ECW.) I think Trish in ECW would have been great. That is for the fantasy gamers now, but it proves how things could have been, if Raven only showed her pictures. I still hate Raven, nevermore.

I felt the timely issues to talk about Trish since her last match is this Sunday at Unforgiven. A lot of wrestlers retire only to come back. By the time you finish reading this, Terry Funk will have retired and come back already. Sometimes stipulations in matches are made to have a wrestler retire only to come back later (insert Ric Flair here ha ha). Neither is the case here. I spoke to Trish in depth on Monday at MSG. Trish is leaving. Trish will no longer be on the active WWE roster. Trish was offered a contract extension and declined it. Trish wants to spend some time for herself.

Trish is an amazing performer. She worked hard in the ring to be where she is today. I was honored to be her valet (also, I was the ugliest valet in wrestling history) in Philadelphia one night on RAW. As a person, I am very happy to know her and as a fellow wrestler, she has my respect. I will never forget the time Trish was preparing for her Hardcore Match with Victoria. Trish had the nastiest bruises on her arms and face. She also was suffering from a leg injury; she was stretching as well as limping. I told Trish, "Damn, they talk about me? You're Hardcore!" That night, she looked at me with that captivating smile and said, "Thanks. Coming from you, that means a lot," and she gave me a hug. Her music hit and all her pain went away for the moment.

Trish redefined women's wrestling. She brought sex appeal, charisma and brought amazing athletic ability to the ring. In my opinion, Trish truly is what a WWE Diva should be. I do not know what the future holds for Ms. Stratus - if it is as a wife, in motherhood, as an actress or if she wrestles somewhere else. I know Trish Stratus will be a success at whatever she does. I am jealous of your perfect storybook ending, Trish. You are leaving on a Pay-Per-View in your hometown. Win or lose, it is a match I will definitely be watching. Thanks for the memories, Trish.

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