Diary of Violence - 9/9/06

So much can happen in a week so here we go…

ECW returned to Spartanburg, S.C. in the Memorial Arena this past week. I truly enjoy going to buildings that are deep in wrestling history; this particular building used to be the old stomping grounds to the old Mid-Atlantic territory. Arn Anderson told me that he debuted on television for Jim Crockett Promotions in that building. The atmosphere was hot. All the ECW guys feed off that energy. Special thanks to a little girl in attendance that made me a sign -- I gave her my shirt. Then, another fan handed me a shirt that said Leprechauns stole my 'stache. So, I got a memento and a free shirt all in one day. I am the type of person that saves everything -- I still have a picture on my refrigerator that my niece painted for me when she was four; she is ten now.

ECW then went to Greenwood, S.C. for another exciting show, then on to Atlanta for the next two days. I wrote in last week's "Dairy of Violence" about reflecting on what happened on this week's ECW television show. Personally, I hated the fact that I was not wrestling. I cannot stand riding the pine. I understand that there are only so many minutes on the show, but anything is better than a Shannon Moore or Rene Dupree appearance.

This week, I got to sit back and watch as a fan. I loved seeing RVD and Sabu tag again. Rob and Sabu have great chemistry as a tag team; they are always innovative. I've got to give it to Test and Mike Knox -- they really had a good match. Test has really upped his game. I guess the battles that we have been having have made him a little hardcore, but he is still an a**hole. Steven Richards and Balls had a good match. Sandman wrecking the classroom was nothing that I have not seen with Sandman and I in bars. I enjoyed Ariel's lap dance on Joey Styles and DX going extreme was cool.

Now is where the fun begins. I had four hours of sleep and when I arrived home, I got the lovely surprise of a huge tree lying in front of my house. I now have a new most hated opponent: Hurricane Ernesto along with his manager, Mother Nature. It pales in comparison to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. It is just an inconvenience to me, but what a mess. That being said, I would like to tell everyone about my new diet. It consists of not eating food, since I had to clean out a refrigerator and freezer of rotted food. It smells worse than CM Punk's kick pads or even Balls Mahoney after a match (haha). I had no power in my house for six days. I also have a tree stump that is four feet off the ground and a six-foot hole. At least my insurance company told me that I have to pay for it and they do not handle that. Thank you, corporate suits -- go EC-F'N-W yourself. Enough whining about me; I will continue fighting the fight no matter what comes my way.

ECW in MSG. I never thought this would happen. I am really happy that some ECW wrestlers will have the opportunity to perform at the World's Most Famous Arena. I think everyone should experience it. I have been to so many matches at MSG -- probably more than any other WWE Superstar. More importantly, we should never forget the date of September 11th. It proves how strong New York City and our nation really are. I look forward to being in NYC on that day. I hope it is as emotional for everyone as it will be me.

Next week, I will talk in depth about a person who was a huge ECW fan and almost came to ECW. This person is a huge star in WWE and has helped changed the business in their own special way. Again, I will reveal next week who this person is and just how close they came to ECW. Got any guesses? Send them to WWE.com.

Thanks for reading.

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