Diary of Violence - 9/2/06

Some of the greater moments in life occur when you don't even know it. I am absolutely numb. I cannot believe the full circle of events of several life changing moments that keep happening.

Rob Van Dam and I debuted in WWE in Atlanta, Ga. together in 2001. I remember flying from Atlanta back to New York reflecting on what happened on that historic Monday Night RAW. I realized that the moment RVD and I hopped over the guard rail and shocked the world, ECW was over. In my heart I wanted my old life back and longed for ECW, but I knew ECW was over and it gave me some much needed closure. That specific night was what I totally had envisioned ECW being if it had all the wheels in motion and never went out of business. The perfect setting, a completely sold out 30,000 seat building chanting "ECW" in a WCW-based town on WWE television. I always knew ECW could have taken over the world if we were able to just hang in there. Atlanta proved it to me but I had to move on with my life.

I now am flying back to Atlanta with the feeling of "Holy sh*t, ECW just got picked up by the Sci Fi Network." We are the No. 1 rated show on the network; ECW has been the highest rated program on Tuesday nights. I always tap my fist to my heart when I wrestle to acknowledge the ECW fans. Your chanting has always filled the hole that has been in my heart for so long. You, the fans, have brought ECW back and I thank you. I missed ECW every day of my life.

ECW not only changed the wrestling industry, it changed people's lives. The old ECW fans saw some of the greatest stuff and bonded together on a constant basis. The new ECW is having the same effect. I feel the new energy during shows. The wrestlers (sorry, I still have a hard time calling myself an Extremist) of ECW have a new sense of purpose in life. I cannot wait to fly home from Atlanta and reflect on what happened on ECW on Sci Fi. If someone would have asked me four months ago about ECW's future, I would have thought, "Oh what could have been?" Now, I think the future is here and let us change the face of the industry again.

I really am trying to express myself when I say from the bottom of my heart, I will never forget what you, the ECW fan, has done for me.

Thanks for giving an ECW Original a second shot in life.

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