Diary of Violence - 8/19/06

People will always ask me if I was a fan of wrestling growing up. I usually correct them and say I still am a fan. I always wanted to be a professional wrestler. I never want to be a bitter person that hates the business that actually made them. If you are not a fan of the business you are in, get out.

I have watched every SummerSlam. I am always happy when a new WWE Superstar has their first big pay-per-view match. If one person deserves to perform on the great summer classic it truly is SABU. In 1993, I remember Tazz and I sitting in Paul Heyman’s living room; he put a tape in and I could not believe what I was watching. Sabu truly is a unique wrestler. When I first saw him I could not believe my eyes. This scarred up freak was doing moonsaults to the floor onto a table. He would dive into barbed wire. Sabu has sacrificed his body for the sport he loves. This is his biggest match of his career. It will be watched by the largest audience he has ever performed in front of. I feel that everyone has to earn what they get in life. Sabu deserves to be witnessed by the world as the amazing performer that he is.

I have watched some of Sabu’s greatest battles live. I have seen the audience gasp with horror at what was happening to him in the ring. I watched him break his neck, get impaled on a table leg, crash and burn on many dives to the floor. I personally held his arm tight, as we were trying to stitch and glue his arm together after a barbed wire match with Terry Funk (If you are a fan I really recommend WWE 24/7. You can go back and watch some of the magical moments that I was blessed to be a part of during the original ECW). Sabu has overcome many obstacles to get where he is at today. I am proud to know him and will sit back and be a fan and enjoy the man who defies logic and gravity. I am really looking forward to hearing one thing on Sunday: THE WINNER OF THIS BOUT AND NEW ECW CHAMPION, SABU!
Tommy Dreamer

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