Diary of Violence - 8/12/06

Now, the long awaited column about my opinions on the state of ECW.
Let's just dive right into the heat shall we.

I have to go back in time for the weeks that I was on suspension.

Nice to see the fans go old school. I have not witnessed a riot in a long time. The fans were pissed and it showed. This is what ECW is about: being true to your heart. To be that emotionally tied into what they are witnessing and throwing their soda, beer and whatever else they can get their hands on, that shows your passion. Kudos to the fan that hit Paul Heyman with the soda, POW right in the kisser! Paul deserved it after what he did to RVD.

Many things happen in the locker room that fans never know about. Big Show is the biggest man I have ever wrestled. If you ever see him outside of a wrestling ring you truly realize how big he is. Big Show takes up an entire hallway. He kept coming closer to me and blocked my path. I saw something in his eyes that was not right. I thought it was on. Big Show stood right in front of me and said," I care about being ECW champion" and walked away. Big Show has been wrestling his ass off since winning the ECW Title. I watched his TV matches against Ric Flair, Kane, Undertaker and Sabu and also saw him on the live events. He has a new lease on life. Big Show is doing what he thinks is Extreme and is really trying his best. This is not only my opinion but that of many of the guys that travel together and we have been talking about it. Big Show has been bleeding, getting hit with chairs, going through tables, thumbtacks and whatever else comes his way. I respect that. You have to credit the only person to hold the WWE, WCW and ECW World Championship. For all you trivia buffs. The only tag team to have the honor of holding the WWE, WCW and ECW Tag Team Championship is …that's right, the Dudley Boys. Another interesting note is that both Big Show and Bubba Ray Dudley both need belt extenders to put the titles around their waist. A little fat humor for you all.

Ric continues to bust his ass for the business he loves. He, like my mentor Terry Funk, does things that a normal man their age should not be doing. It is an honor to share a locker room with Ric Flair. I wish Ric could have been in the ECW Arena or the Hammerstein ballroom. Thank you for wrestling in ECW under Extreme rules. I do not know what I can ever do for you. Just name it, and I will be there.

Rules are meant to be broken.

Learn how to dance!
Nice ass though.

Awesome! It is nice to see someone that worked so hard to get where they want to be, finally get there. Keep up the hard work. You have arrived and you did it in the toughest arena to win over. If you do not believe me, just ask Batista.

There is not enough room for me to write about Paul Heyman. Paul is crazy. Paul lies. Paul is Paul. It is this simple what Paul thinks is right Paul does. Paul and I would fight back in the day about what was right and wrong about life in ECW. I never thought Paul would kiss me, but at least I know that one of his personalities likes me. Paul will continue to be Paul and I will continue to fight the fight and continue being me.
I would bet my house that Paul was constantly voting online to not bring the Diary of Violence column back. We all know how much Paul Heyman loves to be on the internet and would hate to have someone else stress their opinions on the worldwide web. At least when I talk on the internet, I take full responsibility for my thoughts and actions.

As I always say, you should acknowledge the past but not live in it. The memories of old ECW are forever in my heart and mind. We had a saying back in the day that still holds true… ECW - It's Not for Everyone. It is this simple: if you do not like what you are seeing on TV, do not watch. If you are a constant negative person and crap on all that is new, take my word as gospel: we will never be able to bring back the past, no one can. We will be able to create new memories and emotions. If you want proof here we go:
1. We had a near riot in Philadelphia(common occurrence back in the day)
2. Ric Flair comes to ECW (remember Arn Anderson coming to the ECW arena?)
3. A new wrestler excites a crowd in his debut (I would see it all the time in the ECW Arena. Lance Storm, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, RVD, CM Punk and countless others)
4. Any outsider is hated. (Maybe Test should talk to Jerry Lawler about ECW)
5. Sandman still drinks. Sabu is still Homicidal, Suicidal and Genocidal. Balls is still a caveman. And Tommy Dreamer is still getting his fat ass kicked fighting for ECW.
An ECW fan is not like a Raw or SmackDown fan.
An ECW fan is more passionate about their feelings.
That is why we are more vocal.
That is why we are rowdier.
That is why we take things that we see on TV personal.
That is why we are not afraid to be different!
That is why we are ECW fans.
Watch with an objective mind and keep being an ECW fan.
We can never let the suits keep us down.
Keep fighting the fight. A new revolution is beginning. I will be at the front line taking all the hits, so everyone can continue making ECW the driving force that I know it always should be. 
Tommy Dreamer

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