Diary of Violence - 8/4/06

For the first time in my life, I am speechless and forever grateful.

I cannot believe that over four hundred thousand people voted for the Diary of Violence.

Whether you voted yes or no, the fact that you cared is most impressive.

I can sum up ECW in one word: Passion.

Passion for ECW is what drives me every day. Internet campaigns have helped ECW on more than one occasion. Whenever ECW would get kicked off TV, banned from a building or whatever obstacle came our way in ECW, our loyal fans helped ECW continue. It is to you the fans of ECW that I make this pledge: I will continue to fight the fight, as long as you the fans never change from being the very rabid, vocal, hardcore maniacs that you are. 

I am putting down all my thoughts from the past couple of censored weeks. I am going to very carefully put them together and next week I will have some very interesting things to say about my opinion of the current state of ECW. If people out there think that I am going to be edited or have a nice politically correct fluff piece next week, I say to you what I say to the person that got my Diary of Violence taken down in the first place: you can go ECF’NW yourself.

Tommy Dreamer

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