Diary of Violence

Diary of Violence

An open letter to Mr. McMahon:

You went through the halls meeting some of the ECW Originals, the guys that you got stuck with when you "purchased" ECW. You also stated that you were looking for guys with "charisma" in the new ECW. Where would WWE be without the influence of ECW?

I understand not liking Sandman because he drinks on the job, but let's face it, you have been getting your ass handed to you by fellow beer drinker "Stone Cold" Steve Austin who, by the way, was given the green light in ECW to speak freely about his frustrations with WCW and former employer Eric Bischoff . He admitted that in ECW and where he was given free microphone time was when he started the "Stone Cold" persona. Austin got his finisher, the Stone Cold Stunner, from ECW Original Mikey Whipwreck. He also admitted that he got drinking beer in the ring from one Sandman. He always drank beer and saw Sandman do it, so he said, "Why not?"

As for charisma, Sandman is all charisma. His old and new entrance is one of the most exciting in the business. I will never forget One Night Stand 2005 when the entire building sang his entrance. Never before has WWE experienced that. I get the whole use of his old ring entrance ( Metallica's "Enter the Sandman") not being used, but the fans still love when his new music hits and he comes through the crowd.

Sabu. Is there any other performer that has single-handedly done anything close to what Sabu has done with tables? Sabu was and still is innovative with tables, but tables were barely used until he came along. What the fans chant for was unheard of back in the day before Sabu.

How many great matches have happened with the WWE invention of the TLC Match? Some of your top guys, Vince, have made a name for themselves and secured their place in WWE because of those TLC Matches. Those type of battles were a standard in the old ECW, and I beg someone to let Sabu go and do what he does best. Sabu also has a charismatic enigma about him. The guy truly is homicidal, suicidal and genocidal. Who else has scarred themselves up for the business like he has?

Rob Van Dam. I only have to state that no other competitor in WWE history has held on to more WWE championships than RVD. He has a unique in ring style, and the fans love him.

I will not slight that you have accomplished and revolutionized the wrestling business when the audience in the mid-1990s started to change. ECW brought this much needed change to the industry. I will go on record stating the entire "Attitude Era" had a strange resemblance to ECW.

Where would WWE be without the "influence" of ECW? I don't know. It is very interesting to think about though. All three guys I've mentioned were an amazing part of all that. These are just some examples of the charismatic men that signified ECW. One word describes all this, and why we did what we did in the old ECW: passion.

Next week, I will state why we are different from the New Breed as well as why the new ECW needs these same guys to be successful and carry on the name ECW.

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