Diary of Violence

Diary of Violence

What a week in ECW. I flew from New York to Vancouver, B.C., wrestled in Vancouver, slept for three hours, drove to a ferry, took a two-hour ferry ride to Victoria, Canada, and wrestled in Victoria at a 2 p.m. show. Then, I drove 150 miles to Seattle. I wrestled there, then wrestled in Yakima and flew home, all to do it again next week… but wind up in New Zealand.

I never thought I would be having such a full schedule with ECW. The reason for my reflection is that I celebrated my birthday on Tuesday, Feb. 13. I got pounced on my birthday - pretty painful. I am not big on birthdays, but this one was made special spending it with friends. CM Punk bought me dinner and we all know how much I like to eat. I got private sexy time from Kelly Kelly and Extreme Exposé, but it was interrupted by Jillian Hall who said she wanted to make a memory with me. She started to sing to me, and holy crap what a memory. She will never make it on American Idol.

I spent Valentine's Day on the road, and though being away from my immediate family is hard, my wrestling family made me feel great. Kristal asked me out to dinner on Valentine's Day and I declined (she is a little crazy, but hot as hell). I hung with RVD and Sabu and after having the munchies, we all went to 7-Eleven for a real dinner. Sandman and I had a few beers at a family restaurant called Showgirls. The food was not good, but the waitresses were cool, and they all forgot to wear their shirts to work.

 The other reason for my rambling about my life is because I have been biting my tongue about Mr. McMahon's comments about ECW. Vince, I wish I had the open mic forum that you have to express yourself. I should be able to express myself, but you always shut down my "controversial comments." I love taking the heat.

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