Diary of Violence

Diary of Violence

As we all know, if you went through the Original ECW you are sentenced for life. It is like a marriage: till death do you part. I will never get a divorce from my first love, ECW.

I have been late in my diary for a reason. While I was going to pay my respects to Bam Bam Bigelow, I got a horrible phone call that another close friend of mine had passed. Many fans would never know who he was, but the ECW family suffered a great loss. My friend's name was Doug Gentry. He was with ECW since day one, and was truly one of the boys.

Doug started out just like all of us, a fan. He had a passion for wrestling like no other. He would drive the wrestlers to and from the airport. Doug would basically do anything asked by anyone.

With no formal training, he even stepped into the ring against 911 and got chokeslammed. He wrestled that one night as the Jersey Devil. Paul Heyman wanted to capitalize on the New Jersey Devils beating the Philadelphia Flyers in the playoffs. He turned to Doug, a Flyers fan, and asked if he would do this. Doug agreed and got his ass beat by 911 and loved every second of it.

Doug was at every ECW show and was the originator of the ECW Fan Cam. You can see him on every show holding a camera and enjoying his job. ECW did not have a legal department like WWE does. Doug was also our Japanese ambassador. He recommended Tajiri, Super Crazy and Masato Tanaka to come to ECW. All the foreign wrestlers stayed at Doug's home while they spent time in ECW.

In life you meet many people. The TV shows that you watch have thousands of unnamed heroes, for without them; the show would not go on. I just named one of those heroes and gave him the recognition he truly deserved. Doug Gentry is an ECW Original and I thank God for letting him be a part of my world for so long. Your ECW family and all your dogs miss you dearly. I will see you again one day and we will talk about wrestling and make fun of all the bullsh!t like we always did.

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