Diary of Violence

Diary of Violence

Well, as always, my diary is messed up. I am supposed to tell my reasons for why I decided to terminate my Diary. Basically I have many reservations about ECW.

When you are so passionate and love something so much, you are going to be very critical about changes and how things are being done. I was reaching a boiling point, but I watched two movies that have changed my opinion. The first is Invincible and the second in The Pursuit of Happiness.

I recommend that anyone who feels things are looking bleak should watch both movies. I always try to have a positive spin on life. I try not to let any negatives get to me. I like the fact that CM Punk and Lashley are in ECW. I think both would be successful in the "old" ECW. I like the fact the Test and Hardcore Holly have elevated their game and careers.

I still am a huge fan of watching Sabu and Rob Van Dam go out and do things that only they can do. I really like that The Great Khali went to Raw. I miss Metallica's version of Sandman's entrance, but I still love watching the fans react to his entrance. Most of all, I love how you, the ECW fans, continue to support me. No matter what obstacle or no matter how many times I get beat, you still support me.

The two movies that I talked about both have a Philadelphia theme. They are about fighting back when life gets you down. At times I feel like a modern day Rocky (also Philly based). In a nut shell I am one of the most associated persons with ECW. If it is my cross to bear, I accept it. I broke my neck and back in the "old" ECW and if I have to do it in the new ECW, I will do it again. I will continue to fight and deal with any obstacle or gut wrenching feeling in my stomach that hits me.

I thank you for your votes and will continue to write my diary and take the massive amount of heat I keep getting. I do it for you, the ECW fans. I will continue to support those three letters that I love so much.

When life has me down, I will kick it in the nuts and get up. I am trying to make this site more interactive. I want to be able to hear your opinions and answer your questions. Thanks again for your support. I will continue to fight the fight.

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