Diary of Violence

Diary of Violence

Well, I have to tell everyone that I have been unable to get out of bed since Tuesday. I have to eat my words about how every time I get knocked down, I get back up.

The only time I get up is to go to the bathroom. Actually, one time I did not wake up to make it to the bathroom and... well, let's just say my going poop in my pants at least once a year has already met its quota five days into 2007.

I do not want The Great Khali and Daivari to take credit for this though; it is a much stonger force given to me by my daughters the Twinnovators: the flu. I have never been so ill in years. I feel for anyone that is sick with this right now.

Anyway, my illness is not my shocking revelation that I talked about last week. With the onset of the new year, I have decided to shut down my Diary of Violence column for many reasons. I've asked ECW.com to put up a poll on whether or not you, the reader, want me to continue to give my opinions about everything.

I will give the reasoning behind my decision next week because the medicine I take is really kicking in. I do have a number of legitimate reasons, but again, I am really too sick to write. I will give my reasons next week.

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