The mood is about to change

The mood is about to change

The rugged, opinionated ECW Original is back on with plenty to say about sports-entertainment. In a unique stream of extreme consciousness, Tazz says whatever's on his mind ... starting now ...

- OK, if you haven't watched The Dirt Sheet starring The Miz & John Morrison here on, then you really need to get ON BOARD!  Damn sweet production on these vignettes and the WWE Tag Team Champions are not making any friends with anyone. I love it! Be jealous because The Dirt Sheet is bad ass. And, a personal message to Miz & Morrison: Always make fun of the play-by-play guy, not the color commentator (lol). The ripping of Styles on The Dirt Sheet was PRICELESS. (WATCH)

- WWE has seen a plethora of entertaining/talented men and women over many years and I gotta tell ya, Santino Marella belongs on that list somewhere. That's a funny dude. You think it's because I can relate to people who look and sound like him and have the similar mannerisms … nah!

- To be very blunt, I hate R&B music. I'm more of a Led Zeppelin or GnR type of guy. But there is an R&B future Hall of Famer named John Legend who is a super talented musician that my wife and I are both HUGE fans of. Mr. Legend will knock it outta the park at WrestleMania when he will perform "America the Beautiful." If you haven't been lucky enough to hear John Legend perform, you're in for a treat.

- In other news … this was a headline from Yahoo News last week: "Kid Rock has pleaded not guilty to a charge of battery from a fight at a Waffle House in Atlanta"

Nuff said.

That's it...I'm done.


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