Adventures of The Hardys

Adventures of The Hardys

They've been Superstars for nearly a decade and brothers for nearly three decades. The usually high-flying Hardys get brought back to earth in the July edition of WWE Magazine, and is lucky enough to have gotten our hands on some exclusive content.

Jeff, what's the one thing Matt has to admit you're better at than he is?

Jeff: Maybe wrestling. He's always thought I have an incredible talent for doing what we do. How do you feel about that?

Matt: I can't compare with Jeff when it comes to being graceful in that ring. I think I'm a bit more solid, and a bit more vicious, but I can't move like he can.

Jeff: But, that's what makes us a great team.

What's the one thing that you both have to do before every match?

Matt: Jeff always cuts up his panty hose and makes his little arm gimmicks. Sometimes I'll go out with out pads or without tape if we're not on TV, but Jeff always does it.

Jeff: Matt always has to stretch his legs because his legs are different. He's got the Jimmy Legs. It's like he's a frog, but we're still humans, the way we squat. Only he can squat like a frog.

Matt: My real legs look like an action figure's legs that have been ripped off and put on backwards. The real explanation is that my pelvis is like anatomically wider, like where my hip bones go in is wider. I'm a mutant to a degree, that's what sums it up. So like my pelvis is out further, so my legs go out further.

What's the most trouble Jeff ever got into as a child?

Matt: When our mom died, a year later, our dad started dating this other lady and neither one of us wanted him to do that. She's the sister of our neighbor's wife, so we rode about a mile there on our bikes to her house and I remember we put nails in her tires. But we never got busted on that. Then a few weeks later, it was the day of Wrestlemania VI, when Warrior and Hogan wrestled. Jeff rode back on his bike with one of his other buddies with him and this ladies car was there. She and my dad had gone somewhere to eat, but her car was there and Jeff took handfuls of dirt and just kept throwing it in her gas tank. He filled it up and it ruined the whole engine and the carburetor needed to be redone. Our dad busted him and our dad said, "Boy, I can never trust you again so now every where I go, you have to go." And our dad would have to go to work at four-thirty, five in the morning and Jeff's school started at eight, so Jeff would have to leave at that time too. Dad would take Jeff and drop him off outside of school and Jeff would sit on a bench from five until eight in the morning until school started. And he did it for four or five weeks. And even I got heat for it because I was grounded. So I got residual heat.

What about Matt, what's the worst thing he did as a kid?

Jeff: Probably setting fire to the woods.

Matt: It started with our wrestling ring in the backyard. We were building up walls around the ring to make an arena. So it was July and I decided for some reason to take all the trees and bushes that'd we cut and burn them. It had been dry for like forty days and I was just wanted to get the new arena done. I started the fire and all was good and under control, and then out of the blue, a gust from the heavens came down, caught the fire and blew it all over the woods. I ran to my house, which was like a mile away. And the fire is everywhere, I'm swatting it with a branch and I'm getting burnt to a crisp. I finally called the fire department and they showed up with all their gear on. They were spraying it with the hose and I was trying to help but they said, "Tree hugger get out of here, you're going to kill yourself!" I was close to being burnt to a crisp. They actually offered me a job afterwards because they saw that I wasn't afraid of fire. But I just kept telling them, "Please guys, you got to get this done before my dad gets home." But my dad got home from work, right while there were five or six fire trucks and an ambulance parked there. He didn't know what had happened. We burned down like two acres of land.

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