J.R.'s Superstar of the Week - the WWE Superstars and Divas who participated in Tribute to the Troops

J.R.'s Superstar of the Week - the WWE Superstars and Divas who participated in Tribute to the Troops

Happy Holidays and Greetings from under the black, Resistol 200X hat with holiday wishes and New Year’s resolutions for some folks you might know.  Plus, this week’s Raw Superstar of the Week is the easiest one yet.
The selection of Raw Superstar of the Week goes to every man and woman who works for WWE that made the trip from America to Iraq for the Tribute to the Troops. I was genuinely moved by the expressions on the faces of the military personnel, many of who look like they should be working at a Sonic Drive-In or attending classes in school. The often times distorted look we receive of the war in Iraq on our news programs leads many of us to forget just how young so many of these men and women are who are. They are fighting terrorism in a war that feels like this generation’s Vietnam.

I am 100% in support of the Armed Forces but have lost a great deal of trust in the politicians who are involved in this deadly debacle.  Professional politicians don’t seem to be able to put their respective party affiliations aside long enough to work together to get this matter resolved and get our American soldiers home.  Nonetheless, the American soldiers in the Middle East are an amazing group of individuals and, God willing, each and everyone of them will make it home safely much sooner than later. God Bless you all.
Same goes for the Superstars and all other personnel who worked so hard on behalf of WWE to produce Tribute to the Troops: Christmas in Baghdad. 
A few days after the Tribute to the Troops was taped in Baghdad I sat next to a young lady in an Army uniform on an American Airlines flight into Oklahoma City who was coming home from Iraq.  She had attended the Tribute to the Troops this year. This young, Oklahoma woman, who had been in Iraq for almost a year, was a 22-year-old mother of an 18-month-old baby. Amazingly, this mom had left her first born at the baby’s tender age of six months to go and serve our country.

This young woman’s positive attitude was a true holiday blessing for yours truly. I see our military troops in uniform all the time at airports around America, and always make time to visit with them, take photos, and sign autographs if asked. I never fail in saying “Thanks” for what these men and women are doing on behalf of America.
Here are some 2007 Raw New Year’s Resolutions that one should, if you choose to proceed, be taken with a grain of salt, tongue in cheek, “Hey, I’m only kidding,” “I didn’t mean to upset your fragile ego,” “Hey, lighten up, Francis”….. you get the point.  Don’t you??

Raw Superstars 2007 New Year’s Resolutions:
John Cena- Hoping to NOT become an item on Umaga’s buffet and refusing to never wear traditional wrestling attire.
DX- Good health, a DX “mega-match” at WrestleMania 23, and adequate redemption extracted from Team Rated-RKO.
Team Rated RKO- Adequate medical insurance to cover the potential damage that may be done by DX. (This should be a great fight.)
Ric Flair- One more WWE Title run, good health, and a Viagra spokesman deal.
Jeff Hardy- Fewer “flights” that incur bad landings, and to stay out of emergency rooms. Also, to never be nicknamed “Crash and Burn” Hardy.
Carlito- to see that natural, Latin fire become more prominent in this talented young man’s day in and day out in-ring style.  Maybe a shampoo commercial, too.
Cryme Tyme- More ring time. No, not diamond rings or stolen property but wrestling ring time.
Johnny Nitro-To become the breakout Superstar of 2007 in WWE, for which it seems “Don’t Call Me Monday” Nitro is destined. (A young HBK??)
Melina- a conscience, enhanced morals and fewer primal scream outbursts.
Johnny- The former Spirit Squad member probably needs a last name. Getting thru airports for “Johnny” must be challenging.
Mick Foley- Another # 1 selling book and all the free haircuts he can handle from his local barber college.
Kenny Dykstra- A tag team partner named “Mookie” where they headline a major event at Shea Stadium.
Shelton Benjamin- To have a breakthrough year for the gifted athlete, who seems to have the “potential” to be one of the best ever.
Charlie Haas- The ability to challenge Shelton Benjamin, and for the duo to become the best tag team in WWE.
Eugene- To have a clue. Well, he is “a Bischoff” so what can one truly expect?
Cade and Murdoch- the opportunity to show the world how great a tag team they can be or to hit the “single’s” trail. This is a big upside for both young men.
Vis- To star in a biography of the late Barry White and to never have a wardrobe malfunction while wrestling in pajamas.
Rob Conway- One of Raw’s best, hidden assets. Is Conway trade bait for another WWE brand?
Rory and Robbie- To get all their shots and to meet the Bushwhackers some day.
Chris Masters- To never be in a position to prepare my taxes.
Victoria- That Midol endorsement deal that she would be perfect for.
Mickie James- To be recognized to be as photogenic as any Diva in the WWE plus she can fight.  
Candice- A nice, new nose (thanks Victoria).
Torrie Wilson- To “star” in a Pam Anderson/Tommy Lee-like video with Jerry “The King” Lawler. (You’re welcome King. I didn’t forget.) 
Stone Cold Steve Austin- To have a HUGE hit with “The Condemned” and to have a prominent role at Wrestlemania 23.
Hulk Hogan- To continue to have a HUGE hit with “Hogan Knows Best” and to have a prominent role at Wrestlemania 23.
Lilian Garcia- A hit record and to not have your heart broken in a “wrestling romance.”
Jerry Lawler- To never grow old and to continue to be the best “color man” in the business.
Monday Night Raw- to continue to be the flagship broadcast of the WWE as well as to continue to be Cable TV’s Top Rated Weekly Series.
Monday Night Raw fans- here’s to your great health, happiness and to your enjoyment of watching Monday Night Raw every week no matter how many mistakes J.R. may make.
Thanks for an interesting year in 2006. I did not get back in the game until spring during the Saturday Night’s Main Event in Detroit, but did my best to play “catch-up”.  I approach every broadcast as if it could be my last because there are no guarantees in this world about tomorrow, next week, or whenever.  I figure I have endured the most challenging times in my career after dodging the colon cancer bullet and after being removed from my post for the umpteenth time. We all have a choice to approach our lives positively or negatively and I prefer the positive approach no matter the hand that has been dealt.  “Poor Me” doesn’t play too well in this day and time.
Monday night will see me in Miami but a small part of my spirit will be in Glendale, Arizona where the Oklahoma Sooners play the undefeated Boise State Broncos in the Fiesta Bowl. Thanks goodness for my DVR!
Raw should be a great show with a capacity crowd on hand that may include members of the Miami Heat including Shaquille O’Neal who is a well known WWE fan. 
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