J.R.'s Superstar of the Week - Edge

Greetings from under the black, 2006 Resistol hat from your BBQ loving Okie, wishing each and every one of you a Happy Holiday!

As a broadcaster, the 3-hour Raw last Monday from Washington D.C., was a challenging affair. Three hours is a long time to sit without the opportunity to stretch one’s legs, not to mention keeping hydrated. This, however, caused a conflict with Mother Nature and yours truly. A catheter wasn’t an option, as I still vividly remember wearing one for a week last year when I had my colon surgery after being fired…again. A port-a-potty might have been nice, or even a LONG video package coupled with an equally long commercial break might have worked.  In any event we made it through the ordeal thanks to a really lively crowd and the hard work of the wrestlers. The marathon broadcast seemed to come off okay, and it certainly seemed to have a little something for everyone.

This week’s Superstar of the Week is Edge, a result of him winning the 30 Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal. No small feat.

Let me tell you, trying to broadcast a 30 Man Battle Royal alone is not easy. Trying to keep up with who eliminates who is a rather challenging task. Not that I am looking for a pat on the back or an attaboy, but I missed my partner especially in the first two segments of the event. I did my best, but I felt that I left a few stones unturned and could have done a more complete job. Hell I know what I needed. A spotter! Oh, well next time.

Here are a few observations of Monday Night Raw:

Did everyone who was entered in the Battle Royal truly deserve to be there?

HBK can still turn it on, and when he does he is off the page.

I thought the Brooklyn Brawler was in the Witness Protection Program with Henry Hill until Monday night.

It looks like we are headed for a Carlito-Masters showdown. It seems like it is put up or shut up time for these two.

Vladimir Kozlov got booed because he was a foreigner…a Russian. Why?

I liked what I saw from The World’s Greatest Tag Team, and if they can stay focused and motivated this duo can be REALLY good.

Johnny Nitro is becoming a singles star before our very eyes, and his aggression toward Jeff Hardy Monday was eye opening.

I thought the King did a really nice job interviewing Sylvester Stallone. ‘Ol Sly looks great for 60.

Matt Hardy is a SmackDown wrestler on loan from the benevolent Theodore Long who has served SmackDown longer than Marion Berry served D.C.

Kenny got a last name. Dykstra. Friend of “Mookie” Wilson?? Met fan??

Cena owes DX. How will that debt be re-paid?

When will Cryme Tyme start wrestling on a regular basis?

Victoria has a new sponsor…Midol.

Kevin Federline will not be voted class president. Federline is an easy person to dislike. He will still get his ass kicked Jan. 1.

I am not sure John Cena’s smashmouth style can beat Umaga. Cena may need to add a “wrinkle” to his offense to retain his WWE title against Umaga.

The final 6 Man Tag was a wild ride. There were casualties--including my bloody suit, and my notes and reference materials I use to get ready for a show, all covered in HHH’s blood. Team Rated-RKO indeed did open a can of “Whoop Ass” on DX. Has anyone seen Cena and Umaga since?? Nonetheless, the closing moments of Raw Monday night were a kickass piece of business.

I hope everyone has a truly Happy Holiday Season and that we all count our blessings.

Boomer Sooner!


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