J.R.'s Superstar of the Week - Jeff Hardy

J.R.'s Superstar of the Week - Jeff Hardy

Greetings from under the black 200X Resistol hat from a man who is tickled to death to return to Oklahoma and 50 degree weather after 72 hours in "chilly" Pittsburgh and Buffalo for Armageddon and Raw, respectively.

First of all, from the Ross family to yours, I want to wish everyone a blessed holiday season filled with good health and happy times. We will be celebrating Christmas here in Norman, Okla., with family and friends and it simply doesn't get any better than that.

After Sunday and Monday's amazing efforts in the ring,  it would seem somewhat obvious who the Raw Superstar of the Week is going to be … the high-flying, charismatic, risktaker who is on a roll … the Intercontinental Champion and No. 1 contender for the WWE Title, Jeff Hardy!

The native North Carolinian will receive a plethora of J.R.'s BBQ products from our online store that never closes and is shipping holiday fare from www.jrsbarbq.com faster than a scalded dog can run. Our "Big Nuts" shirts celebrating our sale of giant Oklahoma-grown peanuts seems to fit the young man who just had the best weekend of his unique, and often times controversial, career. Congratulations Jeffrey, and here's to hoping you can stay on this amazing roll that will see you challenge the WWE Champion at the Royal Rumble. 

Yes, I compared Jillian Hall's singing to Ellen Degeneres' dancing Monday night, but the irony of this musical mishap is that Jillian's holiday release is being downloaded like crazy, yes I am serious, on iTunes.

On our lovely, albeit icy and snowy, drive from Pitt to Buffalo on Monday in our trusty rental, a Chevy TrailBlazer (we don't need no stinking corporate jet), the King and I made our usual stop at Cracker Barrel and discussed his musical career that has seen Jerry sing with some of the biggest names in the music biz. I'm serious about this one too. The King actually released an album once upon a time. How about that for some useless trivia?

Nonetheless, the Santa's Little Helpers Match was a fun way to start off Raw and it was obvious to most anyone who isn't hearing impaired that the King has a "hankering" for Kelly Kelly. Raw's "Big Toe" has a sharp eye for the ladies as Kelly Kelly is one of the best things about ECW in the opinion of many. Most likely, one of the eight Divas in the opening match Monday night might well be in the annual Playboy/WrestleMania edition of the magazine. Very interesting, Sergeant Shultz.

Our beloved boss, Mr. McMahon, had quite the mental meltdown Monday. I am sure some were feeling badly for Mr. McMahon until he said he had a broken heart, which may have been hard for some folks to buy into. Nonetheless, I thought for a while there that the Chairman was channeling Linda Blair from the classic film The Exorcist. I assume that Christmas bonuses most likely aren't going to be authorized by the Chairman this year.  

Triple H may not be Dr. Phil, but one thing is for sure. The Game took care of business physically against both William Regal and Jonathan Coachman in the impromptu Handicap Match, especially taking Coach to the woodshed. However, I had forgotten just how good Regal can be in the ring.

Even though the World Tag Team Title bout sort of flew under the radar on Raw until the bell sounded to start the slobber knocker of a contest, the bout between Holly & Rhodes and Cade & Murdoch was intense and physical and there is nothing wrong with that. 

It was great to hear Ric Flair get some mic time Monday night and even better to see "Naitch" escape chilly Buffalo with his career still intact, at least for now, with a count-out victory over Umaga. I just can't imagine the wrestling industry without Ric Flair, but the reality of the matter is that someday Ric will lose a match. That could happen on New Year's Eve when Flair faces The Game in a broadcast that will, ironically, emanate from Greensboro, N.C., which is definitely deep in the heart of "Flair Country."

Triple H has been put into a tough spot. But Flair can expect, and will receive, Triple H's "A" Game, no pun intended, on Dec. 31's Raw broadcast. This is a special Raw for yours truly, as I am flying to Phoenix right after the event to attend the Fiesta Bowl pitting my Sooners against the talented Mountaineers of West Virginia, celebrating New Year's Eve with my friends and another B-Day while in the desert.

So JBL is coming back to Monday Night Raw, is he? There's no doubt that interesting times lie ahead as Chris Jericho's dream of becoming the WWE Champion was shattered by the big, cowboy boot of JBL at Armageddon. I would love to see a JBL vs. Jericho match sometime down the road, but we all have to admit that with JBL's presence on Raw that there won't be too many dull moments involving the self-proclaimed "wrestling god." However, this development certainly begs the question: If JBL is going to be a fixture on Monday Night Raw what will JBL's status on Smackdown be? Is JBL leaving SmackDown for good, and if so, who takes the vocal Texan/New York City bully's spot next to Michael Cole? If JBL leaves SmackDown for good, then some could speculate that Cole just got a helluva Christmas gift.

No, I don't know what brought Carlito and Santino Marella together as a team, but they may well make a good duo if they can get on the same page as both men have abilities. What if noted ladies man Carlito has a "wandering eye" for Maria?? Ah, the plot could quickly thicken. I do know that Santino butchers the English language worse than yours truly, but at least he has an excuse. Don't be surprised if this duo doesn't click.

WWE Champion Randy Orton is the self-professed "Legend Killer," the "Killer of Dreams," and the "Killer of Hope" among other things we could describe the blue-eyed, third generation star who seemingly is a tad of a psychopath. Now Orton with all this "killer" talk seems to be channeling Jerry Lee Lewis who was also called "The Killer" back in his day. For you youngsters out there, ask an adult or simply do a Google search and you will discover that Jerry Lee Lewis is a member of the Rock ‘n' Roll Hall of Fame who was dubbed "The Killer" many moons ago, but I digress…again.

What a hellacious main event to end the Buffalo Raw Monday night when HBK and the "Unique Enigma" Jeff Hardy teamed to face Orton and Mr. Kennedy whose left hand may be broken thanks to Michaels' stomping of the hand Sunday night. One had to love the action as it was a great way to end a hot show.

Next Monday night, Raw will feature the 5th Annual Tribute to the Troops broadcast that is without question the WWE's most important and significant broadcast of the year. Who else takes the entire kit and caboodle to Iraq to entertain our fighting men and women and to broadcast it back to the USA? That would be no one but WWE, and my black hat is off to the company for their efforts. I sure hope you will tune in Monday night, Christmas Eve, for this extraordinary program.

Time permitting, please check out our Web site, www.jrsbarbq.com, and enjoy all the e-mails we receive from fans and our responses to them. Plus, we are busy as hyperactive bees shipping our products around the world just in time for the holidays. You can also get J.R.'s products right here at WWEShop.

Be well everyone, and count your blessings and keep those less fortunate in mind during the holidays.


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