J.R.'s Superstar of the Week - Ric Flair

Greetings from under the black, 200X Resistol hat from your resident Okie, who is thinking it might be a baby back rib sort of Holiday.

I have to start this shopping thing soon, or I am going to be in BIG trouble.  How about you? We are “burning daylight” as ‘Ol John Wayne used to say. I am really easy to buy for, as I need nothing. My good health is truly gift enough. I love the holidays, but the obligation of buying gifts to people one barely knows is hard to understand. My wife Jan is too big hearted. Or maybe I should be fitted for a “Scrooge” mask. My family knows all I want for Christmas is an Oklahoma Sooner victory in the Fiesta Bowl on January 1. (Which is, by the way, the night John Cena attempts to destroy K-Fed.)

Last week’s Raw Superstar of the Week was an inanimate object, the announcer’s table. This week we will go back to awarding this rapidly evolving sports- entertainment award to a living human being.

But who?

So many deserve this accolade, but there can only be one lucky WWE Superstar to achieve professional infamy on a given week. Hey, we’ve never had a tie. Stay turned. Nonetheless, who gets this week’s award?

I’m back. You did not know it, but I took a twenty minute break for some herbal tea and a scone to settle my nerves.

That’s really not true. My pool guy wanted a check.

So, without further ado, I hereby exclusively announce on this very site at this time the Raw Superstar of the Week is ….give me just another minute here.  

Did you know that a day old donut doesn’t need to be microwaved for one minute to get warm? I just discovered that info. I think more like 15-20 seconds works on most Krispy Kremes.

So, the winner is……… Ric Flair. Damn, I feel better.

Ric Flair is a great friend and I hated to see how he was treated on TV a few weeks back. Ric is a living treasure within the circles of the business, and should be treated as such. I guarantee you if it had not been for men like Ric Flair, I know a bunch of competitors who would not own huge homes and drive luxury SUV’s. Ric Flair and men like him ,including those from preceding generations as well paved the way for today’s Superstars to have the opportunity to make more money than many Hall of Famers did in their prime. It’s sad, but true. Just bad timing, I guess. As my old friend Stone Cold has said on many occasions, “wrong place, wrong time.” For young, egocentric Superstars to conduct their business the way in which Ric Flair was abused, humiliated, and disrespected is, well, sad.

Flair got beat like a government mule and then was put on display for the whole world to see. Naitch has never bitched about it to me once, but I know the look in his eye and that look tells me someone is going to pay a brutal price somewhere along the way. Who, when, and where is to be determined, but count on it because it will happen. 

In all due respect for arguably the greatest in-ring performer of all time that I have personally ever seen Ric, is at the stage of his game where any match could be his last one. Hell, it’s that way for everyone who does this dangerous work for a living. But at Ric’s age and with all the injuries he has endured, one day Mother Nature is going to say, “That’s it Ric (or perhaps “Morgan” as the late Dick Murdoch used to call Ric). You are done.”

I hope that doesn’t happen for years to come but truly who knows?

My point is this: if it is the last thing Ric Flair ever does in the ring, Ric will avenge what has recently transpired to him on Monday Night Raw.

While we are at it, Flair should be a prime candidate for the 2007 Hall of Fame (you, too Dream) but that’s only my opinion and, as usual, I could be wrong.



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