J.R.'s Superstar of the Week - The announcers' table

Raw was a fun show Monday night in Charleston, South Carolina and it was nice to see so many members of our Armed Forces in attendance. Many of the WWE Superstars left at 1:30 a.m. from Charleston Monday night/Tuesday morning for the flight to Germany and then on to Iraq. Flying time alone to get from the U.S. to the destination is approximately 18 hours. That’s a LONG haul on a regular airplane, much less a military plane essentially designed to haul equipment. My hat is off to all the individuals who are on this journey. No one can “knock” WWE’s efforts on behalf of our troops, but I am sure some one will try because it’s just really cool to be “edgy and defiant.” 
I am having a blast being on Detroit’s 97.1 Free FM (WRKR) every Thursday at noon eastern. We talk WWE, WrestleMania, and whatever comes into our collective, sick minds while taking calls and e-mails.  Check us out online or if you are in the Detroit area.
So Kenny wants to be a member of Team Rated RKO. That’s Interesting. Will Edge and Orton provide Kenny a last name if he makes the cut?
Even though Cade and Murdoch lost to the Highlanders last week on Raw, I still have high expectations for the Cade/Murdoch duo. I see a long and productive run for these two, and that would include being World Tag Team Champions in the future.
Our best get well wishes to “Rowdy” Roddy Piper who is doing well after his surgery from what I hear. Roddy is physically and mentally tough, and will battle cancer diligently. Please keep Hot Rod in your prayers. (Update on Piper's condition)
There isn’t any doubt that the alpha female these days in WWE is the jezebel Victoria. She is bigger, stronger, and more experienced than most any other female on the roster. Victoria may be one match with Mickie James away from being the WWE Women’s Champion. I chose to never be on Victoria’s check list. 
When will we actually see Cryme Tyme back in the ring? Just curious.

Like some of my personal experiences in my life, just when I was really getting into the Shelton Benjamin-Super Crazy match Monday night it was over.  Shelton looked like he had seen his large mama naked when Charlie Haas started hugging him after Benjamin’s victory Monday. Haas may be in need of a Sanka.
Did you catch my Eagles reference Monday night about Melina’s “Lying Eyes”? I couldn’t help myself. I actually saw the Eagles in concert at the Mohegan Sun Casino while we were living in Connecticut a few years back and they were AMAZING!  
This just in, Viscera gets his silk P.J.’s made at “Tents R Us.” Vis with Torrie Wilson in a hotel suite with food and “hot oils” just doesn’t work for me. Now I’m queasy.
‘Ol Val Venis really had that “radio voice” going strong Monday night when Val hosted the “Kiss Cam.” I thought he had just smoked a pack of non filtered cigarettes prior to coming to the ring.  Nonetheless, Eugene made an ass of himself again. I am trying to still like Eugene, but he is getting a little annoying. O.K. Eugene we know you are “special, dammit!” We got it. By the way, what happened to your last name, too? 
First Trish Stratus and now Torrie, I think Carlito deserves an “attaboy” or is that politically incorrect or too “low road.” If so, I apologize. It must be his hair.

After John Cena dispatched Chris Masters using Masters’ own Masterlock, what a brawl Cena had with Umaga! The King and yours truly were definitely close enough to see and hear the contact being made. This was not artistic, and there weren’t any triple somersaults through 3 or 4 burning tables wrapped in barbed wire, but this was a damn good fight. It sure made me want to see these two go at it again--and apparently they will at New Year’s Revolution.

I really liked the Eight--Man Tag Team Main Event Monday night. It rocked. Kenny’s return surprised me, and did you notice how fast Edge and Orton got out of the ring after they stole the victory? Just like scolded dogs. By the way, is Matt Hardy now a Raw Superstar? I sure hope so. Perhaps Matt is on loan from the benevolent Teddy Long. Maybe that matter will be cleared up this week…or not.
Yours truly is hoping to miss Monday Night Raw and to take a vacation day on January 1 to attend the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona featuring OU vs. Boise State. But if my request is turned down, I will be in Miami ready to go but expect me to pout all day.
Hey, have you checked out the new WWE Magazine? I feel it is awesome and no one asked me to say that either. I mean it you knucklehead.

So this week the first inanimate object is the Raw Superstar of the Week. I just figured that our table took a great deal of abuse on multiple occasions. It is not even Spanish because we all know how much the Spanish announce table has been abused. It withstood the challenges of each and every superstar that crashed into the wood (so to speak), while on other occasions the tabled has splintered but not this time!  The only casualty was when I spilled piping hot tea in my lap but we won’t go into the extent of my “injuries” here.

Be sure and check out www.jrsbarbq.com this week as I have answered tons of our fans’ emails and have written a few blogs with more to come this week. We have some great holiday gift ideas for your consideration, too. Thanks, as always, and we will see you back here next week.

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