J.R.'s Superstar of the Week - Ric Flair

J.R.'s Superstar of the Week - Ric Flair

Greetings from under the 200X, black Resistol hat from a barbecue-loving, Oklahoma Sooner football fan who is sweating out the upcoming showdown for the Big 12 Title this Saturday in San Antonio and counting down the days until the three-hour, 15th Anniversary broadcast of Monday Night Raw.

Even a village idiot could ascertain who this week's Raw Superstar of the Week is going to be … and that would be the incomparable "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, who helped provide one of the most memorable moments on Monday Night Raw in a good while with his "must win or lose his career" match against WWE Champion Randy Orton in the heart of "Flair Country," Charlotte, N.C.

Ric is an amazing treasure within the world of sports-entertainment, and it will be a sad day when we can no longer see "Naitch" compete in the ring. I know there's WWE 24/7, which I am a huge fan of, but seeing Ric Flair create his unique and fleeting form of art inside the squared circle live is one of the greatest gifts any wrestling fan can ever receive. So many of today's greatest stars credit Ric as a dominant influence in their careers -- and rightfully so. Naitch is quite a role model for any wrestler as his ring work, personality, and almost manic work ethic is the stuff of which legends are created.

Jeff Hardy, whose Whisper in the Wind I have twice called the Twist of Fate the past two weeks for some insane reason (senior moment??), and Triple H have formed an unlikely, albeit extremely effective, tag team, but now it looks as if the two Superstars will square off at Armageddon in Pittsburgh on Dec. 16. Something smells fishier than a Red Lobster buffet about this match, but I can't quite put my finger on it. However, I am sure that the man with the magic mane, Raw General manager William (Don't call me Bill) Regal is all over this potentially outstanding one-on-one match.

Snitsky has a scarier look these days than comedian Carrot Top, who, if you haven't seen lately, is quite the "scary looking dude."  The 350-pound (at least) Umaga is so amazingly athletic that he reminds me of another big time super heavyweight, Vader.

The Eight-Man Tag Team Match on Raw Monday night seemed to go by quicker than a Lindsay Lohan shopping trip, but we did get a glimpse of the Hardcore Holly-Cody Rhodes duo that still seems to have a unique relationship. But what do I know? Dr. Phil I am not. I do like what I am seeing from World Tag Team Champions Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch, who are quietly evolving into one of the best duos that we have seen on Raw in a good while.

It was good to see the returning Chris Jericho get back in the ring Monday night, and it looked as if there was little "ring rust" on Y2J. "Sanjaya," I mean Santino Marella, is quite the glib individual, but one should not overlook the fact that the former Intercontinental Champion and Maria's "friend" is a talented in-ring performer. Nonetheless, Jericho prevailed and obviously has his sights set on the lovely and talented Randy Orton‘s WWE Title. It is great to have Chris back on Raw. … THE Flagship Broadcast of WWE with episode #757 now in the books.

Mr. Kennedy has his sights set on Shawn Michaels and took out his frustrations Monday night in Charlotte on talented high-flyer Brian Kendrick. Kennedy indeed does have a big mouth, but he also has big talent that a big match victory over HBK would validate. Kennedy is going to be very good in his career if he avoids the injury bug. But can the brash one hang with The Showstopper? There's only one way to find out from where I am sitting.

Did you know that Hornswoggle is a leprechaun? That has been established, but I have never seen a leprechaun or Big Foot in Oklahoma, for the record.  But how does one not like little "Horny" McMahon?? One might be Looney Tunes if they didn't find the little fellow entertaining. Plus, he has his Dad's eyes.

The Melina vs. Mickie James match Monday night was thoroughly enjoyed by yours truly, and you KNOW that my Hall of Fame broadcast partner, Jerry "The King" Lawler, loved seeing two, lovely, athletic Divas get it on as intensely as they did while competing for the No. 1 contender slot and a title match against the Glamazon. Daddy like when Melina and Mickie get physical. Maybe someday, Mickie and Melina could battle it out in J.R.'S BBQ Sauce, Chipotle Ketchup or Jalapeño Honey Mustard which, kids, is available at www.jrsbarbq.com. (Now that was a gratuitous plug.)

Again, the Flair-Orton match, with the additional seasoning by Y2J, was a helluva way to end Monday Night Raw. With that said, what challenges will Flair be faced with when Raw emanates from beautiful North Charleston, S.C., next Monday? Why does Mr. McMahon seemingly want Flair's career to end before its time? Will Orton and Jericho confront each other after Jericho one-upped the WWE Champion Monday night? Will we find out more about the upcoming Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy match, and why it has been made? Will Holly & Rhodes ever get another chance to win the World Tag Titles? Does Trevor Murdoch still have a wandering eye for Mickie James? Can anyone of the female gender slow down the Glamazon? Would Jerry Lawler dress in drag for the opportunity to get in the ring and get physical with the WWE Women's Champion? Nevermind. 

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of former wrestler Dave Shelton, who competed in the old Mid-South Wrestling territory as the "Angel of Death." Dave had been out of wrestling for many, many years and the California native passed away a few days ago near Dallas. Dave was a nice guy who was at one time a "bodyguard" for The Fabulous Freebirds, among others and competed in World Class Wrestling for much of his career.        

Thanks for checking our weekly column and for your support of WWE and Monday Night Raw. We have been receiving some amazing e-mails at our Web site, www.jrsbarbq.com, that I hope you will check out. Some of them are classics. Be well, and count your blessings. See you Monday night in North Charleston, S.C., on Monday Night Raw!


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