J.R.'s Superstar of the Week - Chris Jericho

J.R.'s Superstar of the Week - Chris Jericho

Random thoughts from under the black, 200X Resistol hat from suddenly chilly Oklahoma, as your resident barbeque aficionado is preparing for the annual Bedlam Football Game between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State this Saturday in Norman and still thinking about the 21st Survivor Series last Sunday.

I really enjoyed the 21st Survivor Series last Sunday in Miami and felt that many of WWE's most valuable Superstars really stepped up to the plate in their respective bouts. The Hell in a Cell Match was wrought with physicality and drama. You gotta love it, as Undertaker and Batista beat the hell out of each other, but it was the returning Edge who seemingly got the last word. WWE Champion Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels put on a clinic of a wrestling bout, which took me back to days of yesteryear when great, pure wrestling matches were the order of the day more often than not. The Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match was exciting and showcased several talents who needed the extra exposure, and none of them failed to deliver. Even the use of three announce teams in the Elimination Match worked well, as that journey could have certainly been a train wreck of individual agendas and people talking over each other, but that was not the case.

Of course, yours truly took plenty of jabs from his peers regarding Oklahoma's heartbreaking loss to Texas Tech Saturday night down in Lubbock, Texas. I expected to hear that sort of thing from my WWE comrades on Sunday, and they did not fail to disappoint. Some of us have long memories and an old wrestling adage applies in this instance: "What goes around comes around."

How does one NOT select the returning Chris Jericho as the Raw Superstar of the Week? The dual citizen of Canada and the USA made his long-awaited return to WWE Monday night in Fort Lauderdale to finally solve the puzzle that many fans thought that they answered weeks ago. Nonetheless, it was a special moment on Monday Night Raw and the acclaimed author and former Undisputed World Champion is a welcomed sight back on WWE's flagship broadcast on the eve of Raw's 15th Anniversary celebration, which occurs Monday December 10 in a 3-hour broadcast on USA Network.  Y2J will be receiving Sauces, Beef Jerky, J.R.'s Nuts (Oklahoma-grown peanuts) and other esteemed products from www.jrsbarbq.com to commemorate his selection as the Monday Night Raw Superstar of the Week.

It would appear that Mr. Kennedy and Shawn Michaels are heading on a collision course to wrestle each other sooner than later. And if so, then Kennedy will either get really good, really fast or the brash, but talented, youngster will be taken to the woodshed by the future Hall of Famer Michaels. No matter the outcome of any pending match these two may have, Kennedy will be the recipient of sitting under HBK's "learning tree," which will bode well for him in the future. There is no doubt that Kennedy has his sights set on Orton's WWE Title, which should be the goal of every man in the WWE.

Former Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella is one of the more entertaining individuals on Raw, but his mouth seemed to have cost him another victory over Jerry Lawler Monday night. If Marella ever focuses simply on wrestling and not feeling the urge to constantly verbalize while in the ring, then one could suggest that he could be one of WWE's most successful in-ring competitors. At least Marella dodged the RKO bullet of Randy Orton in Fort Lauderdale Monday night, unlike "The King." So far, Marella has singled out "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Lawler as objects of his attention, so what is next for Santino this Monday in Charlotte, N.C.??

Speaking of Santino -- why, Maria, why??

How great was Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy Monday night in going toe-to-toe with the much bigger, much stronger, much nastier Umaga? Jeff is rapidly developing into an amazing Superstar, which only means that the younger Hardy is simply raising his already sparkling game to the next level.  Jeff Hardy has an opportunity to become the most popular Superstar in WWE from my vantage point, which I realize is saying a great deal.

What in the hell was up with Snitsky Monday night?!  I know Snitsky and Umaga are not kindred spirits, but no one can deny that they are two dangerous men. They will team up Monday night in Charlotte on Raw to take on Jeff Hardy & Triple H. That's a strong main event. 

Cody Rhodes finally got his elusive victory over double tough veteran Hardcore Holly Monday night, but did not get to savor it thanks to another Orton RKO.  With the victory perhaps now Cody and Hardcore can focus on their tag team, but their relationship is still one that has me scratching my head.  But does it matter if the pair forms a successful combination culminating with a World Tag Team Title victory somewhere down the road?

If I never hear Jillian Hall sing again, I will be one of the happier Sooner rednecks in the land. Jillian sings like her role model, Britney Spears, allegedly drives -- alarmingly bad. She should stick to wrestling, however but should stay off the top turnbuckle.

No diva in WWE has been hotter lately than has Mickie James who, for you trivia buffs, took violin lessons for many years and is an avid horsewoman -- which does not necessarily mean she was a fan of the Four Horsemen but that she loves horses. Somewhere down the road, one has to assume that Mickie will get her opportunity at the Glamazon, Beth Phoenix, for the Women's Title.

Hornswoggle McMahon defeated Carlito in a No Disqualification Match, which had to be one of Carlito's less-than-stellar moments in his career. Nonetheless, for the second night in a row, "Horney" got a much-needed assist from the man that brought him to WWE, Finlay. Meanwhile, the man that brought "Horney" into the world, Mr. McMahon, seemed to have mixed emotions. Do you think that Hornswoggle will spend his first Thanksgiving as a McMahon at the family estate in Connecticut? Oh, and did you know that Finlay is Irish and he loves to fight?? The veteran is indeed tougher than a $2 steak, which, for the record, is tougher than a $3 steak. 

Everyone at the Ross household hopes that all of you that celebrate Thanksgiving enjoy the holiday and go out of your way to be nice to others. Don't forget our troops in your prayers. I hope to see you in Charlotte on Monday night for the 757th broadcast of Monday Night Raw. I appreciate all of you checking out our barbeque site at www.jrsbarbq.com and for your many e-mails, which we enjoy answering. Be well and continue to count your blessings.


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