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Each week on WWE.com, based on the events seen on RAW, Jim Ross will give his opinion on which Superstar he thought was the RAW Superstar of the Week:


It was another tough week to select a Raw Superstar of the week, as several Superstars had solid outings in Chicago. However, many of the outings came with extenuating circumstances. This week’s selection is like me deciding if I like baby-back ribs or brisket better, so you can see this is REALLY a tough call. Perhaps I should go to the replay official but we Sooners know how that works. So I will make the call.  This week’s Raw Superstar of the Week is…………KENNY!
How great was the live crowd in the All State Arena?! A complete sell out for RAW in one of the greatest facilities anywhere in the world for the WWE. My friend, Stone Cold Steve Austin would rank the former Rosemont Arena right at the top by the way. The live audience, as I have said many times, much like the home field advantage sports teams should have, can be a difference maker in a good show or a great show. My hat is off to the fans who joined us live Monday night for our 700th broadcast of Monday Night Raw.
It was also great to have so many players from the Chicago Bears there on the front row as well. Former Oklahoma Sooners’ defensive tackles Tommie Harris and Dusty Dvoracek lead a contingent of Bears to Raw and had a blast. These NFL athletes were still talking about their experience at Raw long after the show ended. Both guys, by the way, gave our BBQ sauce a big thumbs up, and these two native Texans know good sauce when they taste it.  

The amount of publicity WWE has received since involving Kevin Federline into the fabric of Raw is amazing. One thing is for sure, one cannot buy that kind of exposure- so for that reason alone the K-Fed experience has been a positive one.
From sitting at ringside, which is still the greatest thrill of all for yours truly, the Women’s Title Tournament Bout was about as physical  as I can remember seeing in quite some time. There was no shortage of physicality between Mickie James and Melina from where I was sitting Monday night.
It will be interesting to see who you vote in as Jeff Hardy’s challenger for the Intercontinental Championship at Cyber Sunday. I voted for Carlito, but please don’t let me sway how you vote. We all have different tastes in matches and I personally think that Hardy/Carlito would be a great match. High fliers Shelton Benjamin and Johnny Nitro would also turn it on November 5 if voted in as Hardy’s IC Title challenger. I like the IC Title picture a lot these days. (Vote who will be Hardy's opponent)
I am not sure what to make of the five man unit known as the Spirit Squad and their status. Kenny seems to be the alpha male of the group, or at least he thinks so. But we will have more on Kenny later. Will the other 4 members of the Squad stay together, or are we seeing the World Tag Team Champions begin to literally implode? Stay tuned.
It strikes me as if King Booker, the World’s Heavyweight Champion from Smackdown, and The Big Show, ECW’s top man,  are very concerned about being able to individually handle WWE Champ John Cena- thus the Booker/Show double team of Cena Monday night. Booker then outsmarted Big Show and it was King Booker who left of his own accord on Monday night after the 2 on 1 brawl. These three men have to use a slogan Austin preached and that I espouse in this environment and that is DTA, “don’t trust anybody.” There is too much at stake. (Vote for what championship should be on the line in the Champion of Champions Match at Cyber Sunday)
Simply put, Umaga is a badass. As far as Cyber Sunday is concerned, a Benoit vs. Umaga match intrigues me a great deal. That’s just one man’s opinion.
I thought HHH vs. Randy Orton Monday night was a helluva main event that was loaded with emotion. The Chicago fans were loud and rapid during this contest, especially when Eric Bischoff and Jonathan Coachman got involved. Talk about a stacked deck! DX was “drawing dead.” In hindsight, with Coachman and Bischoff at ringside, think of how bad it could have been if Mr. McMahon had been ringside.
I would suggest that Cyber Sunday may be a long, long night for the popular DX on November 5. It is obvious the officiating will not be fair considering the agendas of the three candidates for the referee’s position. Cincy may never be the same again. (Vote for the special guest referee in the match between DX vs. Edge and Randy Orton)
When Ric Flair brought out Sgt. Slaughter, Roddy Piper AND the "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes Monday night I have to admit I loved it! The crowd on hand was so respectful of the veterans who have contributed so much to the sports entertainment business. It was both refreshing and exhilarating to be a part of the moment at ringside. That’s why WWE fans are simply the best. There are no more loyal and knowledgeable fans about this genre than those of the WWE. And yes, “The Dream” still has “it”. 

For Kenny to upset Ric Flair was a major accomplishment for Kenny, (does he have a last name??) no matter what way Kenny got the pin. It was by pulling Flair’s rights by the way in case you missed it. Kenny, who I once referred to as the “LeBron James” of the Spirit Squad, is I think about 20 years old, and has unlimited potential. If Kenny has a long and productive career he can look back on RAW no. 700 as perhaps one of the significant moments in his career. Now, let’s see how well Kenny and company fair against the “Naitch” and a partner you will select thru your votes at www.wwe.com. I am thinking a Flair/Rhodes tandem would be really intriguing. Can Flair and Rhodes fully trust each other based on being red hot rivals for so many years? It may be a mute point as Slaughter or Piper may get your nod. (Vote for which WWE Legend should be Flair's tag team partner for Cyber Sunday)
Yours truly will be attending the Saturday ABC broadcast of the Oklahoma-Missouri college football game from Columbia (Gene Snitsky’s alma mater) and will be on the sideline with the OU team. I am looking forward to all the WWE fans I know I will bump into on my travels which are always a great experience. Then I will be driving up to Moline, Illinois Saturday evening to get ready for Monday’s RAW. A busy but fun weekend with some of my favorite activities, Sooner football and the WWE. Now all I need to do is to locate a nice BBQ place along the way and the weekend is perfect!
I look forward to seeing you all from Moline Monday night. Be well.



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