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Each week on WWE.com, based on the events seen on RAW, Jim Ross will give his opinion on which Superstar he thought was the RAW Superstar of the Week:

This week’s RAW Superstar of the Week is Candice Michelle for her upset of Lita this week in Montreal. More on this buxom babe after these opinionated messages from your sponsor…
Unforgiven in red-hot Toronto was a blast. It was the best, single-brand pay-per-view I think WWE has done, but I am not overly unbiased either when it comes to RAW. The live crowd at the ACC could not have been better. It was truly an amazing atmosphere.
Trish leaving the ring for the last time was a bona fide emotional moment and not some fictitious B.S. that has attempted to be passed on to the viewers over my long career in the biz. Those were honest to goodness real feelings by all involved and deservedly so for a very hard working, loyal Diva. To be able to be treated with such respect in her hometown will be a night Trish will never forget. 
You got to hand it to John Cena for enduring two challenging days of TV in Canada where he was booed, at times unmercifully, but kept his composure and class in spite of the negativity displayed by so many. I am proud of Cena’s courage and his character for steering the course, and keeping his eye on the prize, especially at Unforgiven.
Edge is probably still as hot as anyone on the RAW roster, if not hotter, when it comes to antagonists. Edge’s performance in his home country was amazing, and he will be hard pressed to ever surpass those back-to-back days. Edge is at the top of his game and one can only image where his legacy would be if he had been this hot back in the Austin/Rock days.
Jonathan Coachman does an excellent job as Mr. McMahon’s Executive Assistant. Jonathan is much better suited for this role than he was as a play-by-play announcer or even an analyst, in my humble opinion. I am not sure when Mr. McMahon will return to RAW, but I doubt it will be this Monday in Oklahoma City. Then again….
Shelton Benjamin essentially using the “race card” on RAW was unsettling to me. Those are mighty strong words from a world-class athlete.  
Umaga is still unpinned and has not been made to submit. How much longer will the big Samoan be able to keep that streak alive? 
What did you think of those chair shots in the Kane/Umaga match on RAW? Those were real “Idaho” brand cranium crackers.
Could we safely say that Maria’s TV persona is “ditzy?” However, Maria may actually be the next big-time Diva in the WWE. What a look! I wonder if Hugh Hefner has noticed?
The Spirit Squad’s Johnny had a nice outing with Ric Flair Monday night. I think the Spirit Squad can be even bigger assets in the future. Flair, if not over exposed, is still a valued WWE asset in my eyes. The “Naitch” is special and should be treated as such.
I have to admit that when the Six Pack Challenge was first announced I thought to myself, “Uh-oh, this could really be bad.” I was wrong with that premonition. Every RAW Superstar in the match had a “moment” or two, and I thoroughly enjoyed the contest.
Super Crazy executed some really interesting moves. I like this Luchador.
Randy Orton had two hellacious days Sunday and Monday. If Orton can develop consistency and do what he did in Canada more nights than not, then what Orton said about being the future of the business might go from being a boast to a reality.
The same could be said of Carlito. Night in and night out, consistency is what every promoter looks for in a Superstar like Carlito. There is no doubt that Carlito has the skills to be a WWE Champion, but does the young, somewhat laid-back athlete have the burning desire in his gut to stand atop a pressure-packed mountain? Using a baseball analogy, not every player likes hitting fourth in the lineup, as some guys are great team players who hit at the bottom of the order.
The farther Nitro stands away from Melina, the more Nitro’s star shines. Nitro vs. Jeff Hardy at Unforgiven was a damn solid match and their mat wrestling pleasantly surprised me.
The teaming of DX – HBK and Triple H – with John Cena was good stuff and resulted in a strong main event Monday night. It was the first time these three had ever teamed up and it was seamless as far as their teamwork was concerned. I have no idea how long DX plans on staying together as a unit, but I like the combination, as do the fans, and it sure extends the proverbial shelf life of veteran Superstars when they can be in tag matches with competent partners. It is also obvious that HBK and Triple H could split off and go back to their singles careers and continue to headline RAW events. I assume time and situations will dictate the long term future of DX. Another question I am often asked is if DX is going to add any new members? Your guess is as good as mine. As has been said, anything is possible in WWE.
Two weeks in a row now, Cade and Murdoch have had the opportunity to rub elbows with the big boys. I like this combination and think they have the ability to be top hands in WWE, either as a team or in one-on-one competition some day. Stepping in the ring with superstars like DX, Cena, Edge, etc., are golden opportunities for young men like Cade and Murdoch. Both these youngsters were trained by great wrestlers, as HBK and Jose Lothario trained Cade back in the day, while Harley Race tutored Murdoch.
I am happy I did not make a wager with anyone on the Lita-Candice match. I would have lost. Mickie James distraction or not, I did not think that there was ANY WAY the lovely brunette could beat the fiery redhead. Did Lita have an off night? Did she have an Unforgiven “hangover”? Has Candice improved that much? I still have a hard time believing it.
If Jonathan Coachman really wanted to impress Mr. McMahon, the Executive Assistant would try to make a trade for ECW’s CM Punk, who just might be the next big thing under the WWE umbrella. 
My best wishes to the SmackDown team for their maiden voyage on the new CW network Friday night. Hopefully the amount of preemptions will be greatly lessened with the move to CW. 
WWE comes to my home state this Monday and Tuesday. RAW will emanate from the Ford Center in Oklahoma City on Monday, while SmackDown and ECW will call the Tulsa Convention Center home on Tuesday. One doesn’t realize how many “cousins” one has until a WWE event comes to town as it relates to tickets.
The King and I will be at the Oklahoma State Fair Friday night participating in the Extreme Monster Truck Nationals. Many of the RAW Superstars will join yours truly Sunday night beginning at 6 p.m. at “Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill” in Bricktown near the Ford Center in OKC. Drop by and say hello if you are in the neighborhood. They will NOT be serving Oregon Duck.

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