J.R.'s Superstar of the Week - Jeff Hardy

Each week on WWE.com, based on the events seen on RAW, Jim Ross will give his opinion on which Superstar he thought was the RAW Superstar of the Week:

This week's RAW Superstar of the Week is none other than the prodigal Hardy son Jeff who was extremely well received Monday night on RAW. More on the "now you see him, now you don't" Hardy brother after these messages…

It was interesting being in Boston over the weekend during the New York Yankees' sweep of the Red Sox that had the city abuzz. Most of the fans I came across were so happy WWE was in town for SummerSlam because they knew they had a "win" in their future by attending the "The Biggest Party of the Summer."

I thought SummerSlam was a solid effort by all and that the RAW matches delivered as I expected. Of course, I am somewhat biased but I thought the RAW matches were overall the highlights of the PPV, but again I am not overly objective in that regard. That's no knock on SmackDown, which had only two matches and ECW the one. As a matter of fact, I am a regular viewer of both shows every week. That's because I am still a fan and loving every minute of it. After 30 plus years in our business, I still look forward to going to work every week and watching our programming just like many of you.

The "I Quit" Match was strong from my perspective especially considering that two war worn veterans gave it their all in a very brutal match. If someone had told me a few years ago that I would be calling a Ric Flair match involving thumb tacks I would have told them they were crazy, but that's why one never says never in sports entertainment. I told both Mick Foley and "The Naitch" they should feel very proud of their match at SummerSlam and I sincerely meant every word of it.

Edge's victory over John Cena in Boston surprised me. I thought this too was an outstanding performance by all involved. I love it when the athletes put forth such great effort and that's what I saw in this WWE title bout.

The DX-McMahon tag was better than I expected and I thought it brought a great deal of emotion to the table. I really thought it delivered the goods and I look forward to seeing the next chapter between these two entities. A storm is brewing over these two factions that are going to create some rough weather to say the least. Turbulence is on its way.

Hulkamania still lives and it is amazing how many people, no matter their ages, still love the Hulkster.  I applaud Hogan's desire to compete on a stage as large as SummerSlam with a bad wheel. Anyone who says Hulk doesn't still love performing is simply wrong.  The crowd seemed to be into this match as much as any on the card if not more. Hogan reminds me of my favorite band The Eagles and when I get a chance to see them, I always do and love every song they sing. I don't get to see them often, which makes it more special when I do. The same goes for the Hulkster.

Edge had a helluva night on Raw Monday in Bridgeport, Conn. before a sold out audience. There is no doubt in my mind that Edge has elevated his game to the top shelf and I also feel the best is yet to come for Edge as long as he can stay healthy.

Cena is on the chase for the WWE Title and now this rivalry with Edge has the invaluable "personal issue" elements that make this situation even more interesting in my opinion.

Watching Flair compete against the cocky Randy Orton was disturbing to me Monday night knowing what Ric went through at his age just 24 hours earlier. Nonetheless, "The Nature Boy" would not have had it any other way as Ric is "old school" perhaps sometimes to a fault. Orton picked the right night to add Flair to the list of legends the "Legend Killer" has beaten. 

The five-man unit known as the Spirit Squad intrigues me as I feel there are some individual stars waiting to emerge from that entity.  It will happen, but when?

Carlito stepped up nicely Monday night and his budding issue with Orton could be a helluva rivalry. Both these young men have wrestling in their blood and watching these two go at it will be interesting.

Ever see two bulls collide in a pasture? I have and it isn't slick or pretty. That is what the physicality between Kane and Umaga should be like when these two finally get in a match together. It might not be Flair-Steamboat circa 1989, but it will be brutality at its best. Let's not forget that Umaga has yet to be defeated.

Johnny Nitro has a tremendous upside and especially now that lovely, little Melina has showed her true colors.  Nitro has some amazing athletic skills that we got a peek at Monday night versus Kane before Umaga made his presence felt. I am looking forward to the continued evolution of Nitro in the upcoming weeks. Nitro has the chance to put the Intercontinental Championship back on the map.

How will the McMahons remove the smirk off the faces of DX? Will it happen this Monday night in Atlantic City? You know the repercussions of the acts of vandalism displayed by DX Monday night will be addressed, but the Good Lord only knows, or perhaps I should say Satan only knows, how. Having been a passenger on occasion once upon a time on Air McMahon I can attest to how proud Mr. McMahon is of his aircraft and how he literally babies the plane. The most powerful man in sports entertainment has a gift for making people's lives a living hell just as he commented on in his newly released DVD. I watched the Mr. McMahon DVD twice in the past few weeks and it contains some jaw dropping information. I would suggest that DX review this DVD over the weekend just to remind themselves of how evil Mr. McMahon can be when he is truly P.O.'ed.  And trust me; the Chairman is truly pissed at DX, whose days in the WWE or in one piece may be numbered.  

Jeff Hardy is our RAW Superstar of the Week because of the memorable impact he made upon his return to RAW Monday night. It looked to me as if Jeff had Edge defeated in the non-title bout prior to an enraged John Cena intervening. Jeff physically looked the best I have ever seen him and I hope the complex albeit talented young man is 100% ready to commit to the WWE because if Jeff is of that mindset there is nothing that Jeff can't accomplish. It doesn't look like there will be a Hardy Boyz reunion any time soon, but then again, I could be wrong. Quite frankly, I hope that Jeff stays as a singles competitor on RAW and Matt stays the same on SmackDown because both young men have the talent to be big stars individually. We all know that their tag team expertise is superb especially when we watch tapes of their TLC matches of days gone by that certainly are career shorteners. Jeff Hardy is a refreshing face on Monday Night Raw and I hope he stays healthy and finally reaches the mountaintop this time around.



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