J.R.'s Superstar of the Week - Mr. Kennedy

J.R.'s Superstar of the Week - Mr. Kennedy

Greetings from under the 200X, black Resistol hat from the WWE's resident Okie, who is looking forward to Vengeance this Sunday, where nine championships will be decided. After that, it's on to Corpus Christi, Texas for what is expected to be a very special three-hour, tri-branded Monday Night Raw.
Ever since the Mr. McMahon tragedy in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., a couple of weeks ago, Monday Night Raw has become a very challenging broadcast to be a part of. Everyone is understandably upset and tense and nerves are on end, which makes it challenging for one to steer the course for WWE's flagship broadcast. I can remember many other Raws where I have had much more fun, but under the circumstances, these dark moods are certainly understandable. Things will never be the same without the presence of Mr. McMahon on Raw, but somehow his presence is still felt in some bizarre way. At least it is for yours truly.
This week's Raw Superstar of the Week is a tough call. Hell, as alluded to earlier, Raw in general was a tough broadcast with which to be involved last week from Richmond, Va. Nonetheless, we all persevere, and after careful consideration from our guest panel of Cowboy Bill Watts, Cowboy Bob Ellis, Cowboy Lang, Cowboy Nelson Royal and the King of the Cowboys, Roy Rogers, our selection for Raw Superstar of the Week is…..Mr. Kennedy, with the lovely and talented Randy Orton a very close second.
The action on Raw kicked-off with two outstanding young tag teams, as the Raw debuting Kendrick & London defeated former college grapplers Haas & Benjamin. Raw is fortunate to obtain Kendrick & London via the Supplemental Draft, as this young duo reminds me of the legendary Rock ‘n Roll Express while they remind others of The Rockers. Either example is a darn good compliment for Raw's newest team. And while we are at it, don't discount the abilities or the future of The World's Greatest Tag Team either. For the record, Kendrick & London are prime examples that size really doesn't matter, no jokes please, when a team functions as a true team and not as two individuals thrown together as a unit.
Jonathan Coachman being the head man now on Raw is akin to feeding strawberries to pigs (thanks, Gorilla). The egocentric Coachman will no doubt see his ample-sized melon grow as he gets firmly entrenched in his interim, albeit powerful, role. Coachman is a very bright guy, but time will tell if he is in over his head running cable television's top weekly series.
Sandman is an intriguing addition to Monday Night Raw and the ECW Original attempted to introduce bushy haired and cocky Carlito to his cane Monday night, but Carlito wisely declined. Does anyone else find Carlito annoying??
Cryme Tyme, two likable guys, did not endear themselves to some folks Monday night with their Home Shopping-like bit attempting to sell some alleged Mr. McMahon swag. Wrong time, wrong place fellas. Sort of like Paris Hilton driving without a license; not cool, not hot.
Jeff Hardy, the Rainbow Haired Warrior, consistently gets as emotional a reaction from our fans who attend Raw as anyone on the brand. Monday night in Richmond was no exception, when Jeffrey faced the underrated and dangerous Daivari. Daivari is a highly intelligent competitor who could easily turn heads before his tenure on Raw is completed. Jeff Hardy may be the most popular across the board star on Raw in the opinion of many.
I really enjoyed the in ring athleticism of The Iron Sheik back in the day, as Sheik was an amazing wrestler. However, unless his verbal contributions to Raw can be closed captioned for all of us to read, trying to understand what in the hell Sheik is saying is challenging to say the least. I assure you Mr. McMahon, unlike Master Coachman, would not have wasted his time on this eccentric WWE Hall of Famer. With my luck, Sheik will read this and show up in Norman, Okla., when we open "J.R.'s Family BBQ" on July 11 and want restitution. Do former bodyguards of Iraq's head man eat BBQ??
Hey Santino, you might want to get your attention back on the ring and your Intercontinental Title and off the lovely and leggy Maria, for your own good. I love Santino's passion, and he is unquestionably getting better, but his days as Intercontinental Champ may well be numbered…but then again, who foresaw the "Milan Miracle?"
It was a rough night at the "office" for Mick Foley in his outing against Umaga. That's what I call a nasty "welcome back Mick" celebration for Mrs. Foley's baby boy. I hope Foley fares better at Vengeance, or he may be back with pen in hand writing another best-seller. I do think Mick has dropped some pounds, which tells me that Mick is serious about wrestling again, at least on a limited basis.
Mr. Kennedy may be the most anticipated draft pick to join Raw since John Cena. It was weird that Kennedy got a rousing ovation when he came to the ring and got an equal amount of boos when he left the squared circle. Kennedy's upside is endless, and if you don't believe me just ask Kennedy himself.
Jillian Hall, another supplemental draftee, cannot sing a lick, for the record. Pop Diva she isn't. I'm pretty sure that I could hear dogs barking.

Sunday's Women's Championship Match may be a little "Lipstick and Dynamite-like" down in Houston, as Candice and Melina are not the type to exchange recipes or workout routines. Where is former Houston promoter Paul Boesch when one needs him? Mr. Boesch was a great promoter in Houston for decades and had the largest set of…cauliflower ears I ever laid eyes on!  I was Mr. Boesch's broadcast partner for a time on Friday nights in the old Sam Houston Coliseum, where we shared one stick mic and wore no headsets. Mr. Boesch is now "promoting" in Heaven I would suggest. Hey Paul, please say hello to Sensational Sherri, and book her in the main event and provide her with a nice payday just for old time's sake.
One has to hand it to Randy Orton, as he stuck Bobby Lashley suddenly and almost without warning with the RKO Monday night to earn a pinfall victory for himself and partner King Booker. It will be interesting to see if King Booker isn't the most popular individual in the Open Challenge for the WWE Title this Sunday in his hometown. I like that this match has to be won by pinfall or submission; that means no "bargain basement" outs for anyone, and may the best man win.
It will be another emotionally challenging week for all involved with WWE this Sunday and Monday from Texas, and hopefully, as the old saying goes, time heals all wounds. Those healing times can't get here too soon for yours truly. In the meantime, eat more "Q" and count your blessings.


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