J.R.'s Superstar of the Week - Lance Cade

J.R.'s Superstar of the Week - Lance Cade

Greetings to all from under the custom made, black hat from WWE's resident BBQ aficionado, whose month of June is going to be dotted with the opening of the second J.R.'s Family Bar-B-Q Restaurant, the WWE Draft, the Night of Champions pay-per-view, Monday night Raw in the Oklahoma City Ford Center and McMahon's Million Dollar Mania. Whew.

Some lucky Monday Night Raw fans will be winning some serious cash beginning this Monday night in Oakland which is the site of the 785th edition of cable TV's highest rated weekly series. It will be interesting to hear Mr. McMahon's telephone calls to randomly selected Raw fans that have gone to WWE.com and registered to win the big money. For the record … these phone conversations will be recorded … if Mr. McMahon calls, you be careful what you say as your conversation just might make the Nancy Grace Show.

This week's Raw Superstar of the Week has a prominent HBK influence in his game, and isn't a man who obviously likes his former partner's singing … this week's Raw Superstar of the Week is … Lance Cade.

Cade is one of the most physically impressive athletes on any WWE roster and surprisingly made rather short work of former tag team partner Trevor Murdoch last week in their abrupt meeting on Monday Night Raw. I can only assume that the issue between the two former tag team champions isn't over. It would seem that the likelihood of both Cade and Murdoch remaining on Raw after the June 23 WWE Draft in San Antonio are slim-to-none, and Ol' Slim just left town. 

Cade has a very similar upside as Randy Orton, who, after breaking his clavicle, will be out of action, approximately four months on the injured list. One would assume that Orton is still eligible to be drafted on June 23.

Here I was thinking that it might not be until next year at WrestleMania XXV when we would see the next one-on-one meeting between WWE Champion Triple H and the new No. 1 contender John Cena, but that all changed Monday night in Bakersfield, Calif. Cena's victory over Jeff Hardy, in a match that young Jeff seemed to dominate for the most part, put Cena in a position to compete with Triple H on Sunday, June 29, in Dallas in the main event at Night of Champions -- where, as I understand it, every match on the card will be a title bout. (Gasp … does this mean the tag titles will actually be defended on PPV?)

Kennedy … Kennedy and Paul Burchill seem to have a problem all stemming from Mr. Kennedy getting William Regal fired. For the record, it could be perceived that Regal got Regal fired because Regal could not beat Kennedy when the chips were down. Perhaps some day we will see an actual match between Kennedy and Burchill so we can measure which of the two, young Raw Superstars are the better. Perhaps Kennedy should come to the ring dressed as a pirate to throw Burchill off. =)

If you are keeping score at home and for the record, Kennedy defeated Umaga Monday night via count-out, just in case you had Green Bay's second most famous resident in the office pool.

This shouldn't come as any groundbreaking news, but Hardcore Holly and his tag team partner Cody Rhodes don't travel together and are only in the same place at the same time when they are at work. The reason I bring this up is that it seems amazing that the World Tag Team Champions are able to put their cultural and generational differences aside and remain the tag champs. I remember back in the day when the Midnight Rockers (HBK & Marty Jannetty) used to fight each other outside the ring seemingly as much as they fought their adversaries, but Marty & Shawn still had a great tenure as one of the most exciting tag teams ever.

One thing I learned this past Monday on Raw was that Todd Grisham watches an ample amount of late night TV. Fascinating.

Quick question: Does anyone know why Master Ted DiBiase was walking around in the locker room area without a shirt when the young son of "The Million Dollar Man" confronted the equally young Rhodes? Perhaps it was simply a "priceless"-shirtless moment. If the young DiBiase is even close to his dad in wrestling abilities, then WWE has found themselves another future Superstar.

Chris Jericho and JBL got down to the bowling shoes in an ugly, physical match for Y2J's Intercontinental Title that ended with JBL getting disqualified. JBL, with lingering throat and neck issues, was in no shape to challenge for a title coming off the heels of losing to Cena in the First Blood Match at One Night Stand.

Chris Jericho certainly seems to be one conflicted son of a gun these days and his Highlight Reel with Shawn Michaels could prove to be most interesting this Monday night in Oakland.

Yours truly got the feeling watching the Diva tag match on Monday night that neither team had much love for their teammates. The Glamazon doesn't appear to like anyone, especially a Diva who obviously has lofty aspirations as Katie Lea. (What in the hell happened to last names around here?! How do these people make it through airport security??)

Mickie and John sitting in a tree … never mind … but we do know that Mickie, apparently, is somewhat forgetful from what we all saw on Raw Monday. Was that Mamajuana that Cena was drinking on Monday night? There is something ironic about that if indeed it was the popular elixir.

One Night Stand has its share of casualties, but none more significant than the departure of Undertaker from WWE after losing the TLC Match for the World Heavyweight Title to Edge and a cast of thousands. If WWE has ever had a man who is more respected in the locker room and with WWE fans around the world than ‘Taker, I would love to meet the individual. This place won't be the same without The Deadman.

Thanks for checking out our space here every week and stay tuned for some exciting upgrades on our barbecue Web site, www.jrsbarbq.com. Take care and count your blessings.

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