J.R.'s Superstars of the Week - JBL and Melina

J.R.'s Superstars of the Week - JBL and Melina

Greetings from under the black, custom made hat from WWE's resident BBQ aficionado who is anxious to see what debauchery transpires this Sunday in San Diego at WWE's latest pay-per-view attraction, One Night Stand.
It will be a night of "extreme action" and yours truly might be motivated to shriek out a "Cat fight!" during the Diva "I Quit" Match and channel the esteemed WWE.com guru and former voice of E-C-Dub, Joseph Styles.

This week, we have the rare occurrence of having co-Raw Superstars of the Week and they are both extreme -- there's that word again -- opposites.

After careful consultation with our staff psychologist and veterinarian, this week's award is shared by Melina (no last name) and JBL (initials galore).

It looks like WWE, or specifically Mr. McMahon, is going to be giving away a fair sum of cash in the upcoming weeks on Monday Night Raw. I will be anxious to see how this is going to be facilitated even though yours truly isn't eligible to win the big money. Sounds like a high level "watch and win" piece of business. Stay tuned for the details.

Without question, the Triple H vs. Randy Orton Last Man Standing WWE Title bout Sunday will be a nasty, physical affair and one man is guaranteed to leave with the WWE Title, but my question is: What happens to the loser? Could the loser move to the top of the WWE Draft board for either ECW or SmackDown?

A nice submission hold used by Melina Monday night on the howling Jillian Hall (now, there is a last name), but it will take much more of the same for Melina to expect to make The Glamazon say "I Quit" this Sunday on pay-per-view. This match will far and away exceed any "CAT FIGHT!!"

If you blinked, you might have missed the World Tag Team Title bout on Raw Monday night, but in case you did, I like what I saw of London & Kendrick and feel they can be a major part of the tag team scene in WWE. Apparently, Cody Rhodes and his unlikely partner Hardcore Holly have been put "on notice" that their days as tag champs are numbered by "The Million Dollar Man's" son, Ted DiBiase. The young DiBiase has yet to debut on Raw or acquire a tag team partner to the best of my knowledge, but he clearly guaranteed that the tag titles would soon be around his "Priceless" waist.
After succumbing to Umaga's Blackhole Slam last week outside the ring, Jeff Hardy, our favorite daredevil, ran into the dreaded Lariat from Hell (that's a tip of the hat to Stan "The Lariat" Hansen) of JBL Monday night in the Mile High City. Point being … now, young Jeffery must regroup, heal from his current physical miseries, and devise a plan to defeat Umaga in a Falls Count Anywhere Match at One Night Stand. It won't be easy, but I could see a Hardy win thanks to something wild and crazy and perhaps emanating from a high place no matter the price that the thrill seeker had to personally pay.
The match between John Cena and Mr. Mamajuana a.k.a. JBL, who impressively won the main event tag match for his team on Monday night, won't be pretty at One Night Stand -- as in a Jack Brisco vs. Dory Funk, Jr. mat classic -- but it will be intensely physical because of the simple nature of the rules … the first man to bleed loses. No referee, no matter their level of incompetence, should be able to screw this one up and we shouldn't have to resort to instant replay a la  Major League Baseball to determine who hits one out of the park. As I recall, the First Blood stipulation is how Kane defeated "Stone Cold" Steve Austin many moons ago to become WWE Champion.

Why are so many people, or so it seems, singing on Monday Night Raw these days? What is Monday Night Raw becoming -- a variety show?? =) What's next, the June Taylor Dancers? (Google it, kids, or ask an older, less hip person about June and her hoofers.)

Mr. Kennedy … Kennedy catches a quick fall on Carlito … Carlito and then the man who helped facilitate getting William Regal canned got Curb Stomped by Regal's fellow Brit, Paul Burchill (not Churchill … Burchill) and his lovely sis, Katie Lea. So it would seem that we are getting ready to see Kennedy … Kennedy battle … battle Burchill down the road. I think Katie Lea would love to be the first lady from the U.K. to be WWE Women's Champion based on Katie's prickly conversation with Women's Champ Mickie James last week.

By the way, a helluva crowd Monday night in Denver as the arena was sold-out with 16,524 Raw fans. Thanks, Denver, for helping make the night special. I talk about a special "reunion" back in the locker room area Monday night in the Mile High City on my latest blog at www.jrsbarbq.com.

Do you think it is possible for HBK and Y2J to ever have a B-A-D match? Me neither. I do think that the talented, eight-time Intercontinental Champion is getting just a little frustrated, though, with his recent outings which have not enhanced Jericho's winning record. 
I "feel" a Batista win for some reason Sunday at ONS against Michaels in the Stretcher Match, which essentially guarantees that one of these two "can't-afford-to-be-out-of-the-starting-lineup" Superstars will be injured. That's an "extremely" dangerous match, if you ask me.

It has been proven conclusively that veteran Okies who are on the BBQ sauce should not "dance" in public. This fact is firmly proven elsewhere on this Web site. I strongly dissuade the weak of heart navigating to this area without ample thought and preparation. (All others, click here to see what J.R. is talking about.)

Yours truly wrote a book review of "The Million Dollar Man's" wrestling autobiography recently on www.jrsbarbq.com which I hope you will check out as Ted's new book is an excellent read. No, that is not shilling, nor do I get a "taste." I simply enjoyed the easy to read 241-pager. I think you will too. (Read excerpt from J.R.'s review...)

California, here we come … right back where yours truly started … beginning Sunday in San Diego for One Night Stand and then up to Bakersfield where we will travel down Buck Owens Boulevard at some point to broadcast Monday Night Raw and, hopefully, hear more about how you could win one million bucks!

Just a reminder that Monday Night Raw returns to Salt Lake City, Utah, on Monday, June 16 -- and I am worried that Jerry "The King" Lawler, a big fan of HBO's "Big Love" might take up residence in Salt Lake City … not that there is any thing whatsoever wrong with that. There's just something about The King having multiple, young wives that concerns me. Realistically, there's likely nothing that could motivate King to move from his hometown of Memphis … is there?? 
Boomer Sooner!

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