J.R.'s Superstars of the Week - Randy Orton and Edge

J.R.'s Superstars of the Week - Randy Orton and Edge

Greetings from under the 200X, black Resistol hat from your wannabe beef jerky impresario who is loving life and looking forward to another hot Monday Night Raw this week from the campus of Penn State University.
There are some strange things going on in WWE, and especially on Monday Night Raw. Something down deep in my ample Oklahoma belly tells me that the "mood is about to change" (thanks, Tazz) on WWE's flagship broadcast.
After last week's Raw from Nashville, Tenn., who should be named the Raw Superstar of the Week? There are certainly several viable candidates for this prestigious honor akin to being the NFL's No. 1 draft pick (ok, so I embellish), but I refuse to consider The Great Khali for this award. Sorry "Freak O' Nature," but what you did Monday night was committing a series of assaults that had nothing to do with wrestling. Is Khali truly a "wrestler" in the traditional sense? Hell, no. Khali is a 7 foot 3, 420-pound giant of a man with a nasty demeanor, who obviously enjoys imposing his mighty, physical, will on whomever he chooses.

It seems that a Cena vs. Khali showdown is unavoidable at some point sooner than later. It may well be an encounter the WWE Champion never forgets.
So this week after consulting our guest panel of experts including: Jack Brisco, Outback Jack, Dandy Jack Donovan, Jack Doan, Jackie Fargo and Jack the Wonder Pony this week's winner is…….a tie. Randy Orton and Edge share our Raw Superstar of the Week honors. They will each receive lovely "parting gifts" of the BBQ variety. How appropriate is giving these two talented, egomaniacs "beef jerky" for winning the Holy Grail of Hype??
Edge vs. Orton had one of the best matches ever on Monday Night Raw, and certainly rivals the Cena vs. HBK match from London a few weeks ago. I personally feel that was the best match I have seen on Raw this year. Both these Superstars may be problematic individuals, but no one can deny their talent inside the ring. I have answered many questions on these two problem children on www.jrsbarbq.com, as many of you know.
Is Melina having an adverse affect on Johnny Nitro? It seems that Nitro has been in a minor slump ever since Melina won the WWE Women's Championship. Melina may be a sexy champion, but she's still a Jezebel in my eyes, and nothing but trouble. However, that's only one man's opinion, which brings me to the Nitro vs. Jeff Hardy match Monday night. Jeff, he of the rainbow hair and rock star ovation, beat Nitro easier than I would have thought. I think Nitro is a future major Superstar, but a certain woman could kill that concept. Jeff Hardy is arguably as popular as anyone in WWE, on any brand, and I'm interested to see how 2007 unfolds for the younger Hardy brother.
And what's up with Cade and Murdoch? Could their seemingly newfound sportsmanlike attitude be much ado about nothing? I liked what the redneck tag team had to say Monday night, and I hope it was all true but somehow…
Helluva match between RVD and Umaga Monday night, with Umaga winning a close one. RVD never goes down easy, though. Rob may appear to be laid-back more often than not, but he is a gameday player. Umaga is too much for most people, including RVD in Nashville. Umaga is obviously getting better, which isn't warm and fuzzy news for those in WWE who may have to face the Samoan Bulldozer. With Umaga, seemingly back on the friends of the McMahon family list, (a list I hear will fit on a post ‘em); the massive athlete should have bright days ahead as long as he doesn't disappoint the Chairman.  
Carlito's controversial actions Monday night did not come as a huge surprise -- especially to Ric Flair. Carlito had the opportunity to sit under one of the most coveted "learning trees" in the business, but instead chose to act like a spoiled jackass. Too bad. That lack of character may be the beginning of the end for Carlito. It could also become the beginning to a great, refreshed career in WWE. Time will tell, but there are some stiff knife-edge chops in Carlito's future if I know "Naitch," and I do. I wonder if Torrie Wilson approved of Carlito's actions of Monday night. In the ring that is, of course.
So Mr. Kennedy is going to wait until WrestleMania 24 to exercise his Money in the Bank contract. Why do I feel that is a pickup truck load of chicken litter? Hey, Kennedy, who is big star bound, may be shooting straight, but he doesn't have a long-standing track record of such. Plus, what was he doing on Raw Monday knowing Kennedy is a Friday Night SmackDown Superstar? I wish Kennedy was on Raw full time, but that's another story.
It's always fun to visit Happy Valley, the home of Penn State University and the ageless Joe Paterno. Monday will be no different, except we are not going in the dead of winter. Now, getting to Happy Valley is another story, especially when one's journey starts in Norman, Okla., but Delta Airlines will get the job done. 

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