J.R.'s Superstars of the Week - WWE TV crew

J.R.'s Superstars of the Week - WWE TV crew

Greetings from under the black, custom-made hat from WWE's resident BBQ-lovin' Okie, wondering what in the hell is going on in WWE these days!

Monday night, we have the General Manager of Raw, King William Regal, physically abuse a television director, the talented veteran, Kerwin Silfies, who is then forced to pull the plug on the main event -- only for the WWE Title between new champ Triple H and "Age of Orton" innovator Randy Orton before the match's conclusion. The actions by the "disrespected" King Regal have not made many people happy.

Then, Tuesday night, I am sitting in my easy chair in our home in Norman, Okla., enjoying some smoked turkey from J.R.'s Family BBQ and watching ECW as I normally do on Tuesday nights when BAM (not Neely … stop the pain … but I digress), announcer Mike Adamle takes a hike for seemingly no reason and leaves the announce table, followed soon thereafter by his broadcast partner, Tazz, leaving the main event of the evening without commentary. Was this walk-off simply a publicity ploy to get all of us fans talking or did someone in a high place snap and simply pull the plug on the ECW announce duo? "Stay tuned" is all I can suggest.

What a helluva crowd Monday night in the newly named Izod Center in East Rutherford, N.J., with 17,166 paying more than $550K to see cable's No. 1 rated TV show in person. My black hat is off to all the Raw fans who turned out to enjoy the festivities.

This week's Raw Superstar of the Week is a tough choice. I don't dare consider Mr. Kennedy, as I value my job too much to go there. Mickie James led her team to victory but the sexy WWE Women's Champion was honored recently. Kendrick & London had a good outing in winning yet another tag match. Murdoch can't sing, so he's out. I need to see a little more of the Burchills, but they were impressive on Monday night. JBL did offer yours truly some Mamajuana, but I can't take payola. So … the folks that went through the most hell Monday night were the hard working folks in the WWE TV Truck who endured what has to be their most challenging night ever on the job. In all due respect to our beloved General Manager and the King of all WWE, this week's Raw Superstars of the Week are the hard working men and women of the WWE TV crew.

Wait a minute … was that a 12-Diva Tag Match that we had flash by our eyes on Raw Monday night, or am I imagining things?? I would swear that we had that match Sunday at Backlash where all 12 participants actually participated. Thanks for coming, ladies. And for the record, I still think that Natalya Neidhart of Jim "The Anvil" and the Hart Family fame is going to be special. The WWE Diva lineup on all three brands is getting stronger by the week, it seems, as far as being able to wrestle and not just look hot, which they all do.

Did you know that Mickie James trails only the Fabulous Moolah and Trish Stratus for the number of Women's Titles won in WWE? Not bad company for Mickie, huh?

BTW … will we see a Trish sighting in her hometown on Monday night or is the "Yoga guru" going to be working at her yoga academy? I've been thinking of taking up yoga, but commuting from Norman to Toronto is a little far and I'm not sure the Mrs. would understand.

An ornerier than usual JBL beat Highlander Robbie like a government mule Monday night, perhaps channeling John Cena through the Highlander. Robbie's cousin Rory did not do his family member any favors while watching his relative get destroyed. Looks like it could be a Battle of the "Johns" (sounds like the working title of an HBO documentary) at Judgment Day in Omaha in less than three weeks, as JBL made it clear he wants John Cena in the ring sooner than later. Mr. Mamajuana (www.mamajuanaenergy.com) needs to be careful what he wishes for, but no one can deny that a JBL vs. Cena fight would well be bowling shoe ugly, if and when they finally get it on.

Other than getting an undesired look at Trevor Murdoch's arse, I have no clue as to what transpired after London & Kendrick defeated Cade & Murdoch (isn't using only last names cool?) as Murdoch started channeling country music legend and fellow Okie, Garth Brooks. I didn't know if we were watching the meltdown of Murdoch or if he was auditioning for Brokeback Mountain 2 … not that there would be any thing wrong with that.

Hey, at least the Raw tag teams are getting a cup of coffee on WWE's flagship broadcast these days, which is a good thing.

An interesting fact … did you know that HBK trained both Brian Kendrick and Lance Cade when they first broke in the biz? Also, WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race trained Murdoch.

Why there was a Handicap Match featuring Super Crazy -- whose win-loss record lately has not been overly stellar -- against the Burchill clan of brother Paul and sister Katie Lea is beyond me. But, we did find out that Katie Lea Burchill can wrestle. Paul Burchill's "curb stomp" finishing maneuver will definitely curb one's enthusiasm and is very effective. The Burchills allegedly grew up in the Chelsea section of London in a wealthy family.

I would suggest that Mr. Kennedy will have ample hell to pay Monday night in Toronto after embarrassing and humiliating William Regal's official coronation ceremony for winning the 2008 King of the Ring. What is the over/under on how many opponents Kennedy will be forced to meet Monday at the ACC in TO? Perhaps Kennedy will be reassigned to the ECW broadcast team since there seems to not be one any longer.

Santino Marella can be obnoxiously entertaining, but on Monday night we saw a much more aggressive Marella as he took on Cody Rhodes, who made a bonafide rookie error by not leaving well enough alone after winning the match against Santino. By the way, when are these two teams -- Rhodes & Holly and Marella & Carlito -- going to wrestle on Raw for the tag titles?

Hey, if HBK says he is hurt, then I believe him. But something tells me that the fans in attendance in the Air Canada Center in Toronto Monday night may be more pro-Jericho than Michaels. Could a Michaels vs. Jericho match be in the offering at Judgment Day or have we not seen the last of HBK-Batista?

It was nice of WWE Hallf of Famer "Rowdy" Roddy Piper -- one of my all time favorites -- to fly all the way to Jersey from Oregon only to be insulted by Santino Marella. No one can question that the slap Roddy delivered to Marella was one helluva blow that rearranged Santino's jaw. I hope Mr. Marella likes soup.

After experiencing the uniqueness of last Monday's Raw where King of the Ring and GM Regal pulled the plug on the broadcast, it is impossible to predict what will occur this Monday from Toronto, which as I have written many times, is one of my all-time favorite cities for Raw to emanate from. I can't recall the last time we were in TO when the crowd wasn't off the chart with noise and enthusiasm which makes any broadcast infinitely better. Plus, I have been known to consume, in moderation of course, a few Canadian, cold beers in my time, which I plan on doing Sunday afternoon when I arrive. Our Canadian fans have been buying up copies of our autographed "J.R.'s Cookbook" at www.jrsbarbq.com, which we sincerely appreciate.

One thing is for sure … the opening of Raw this Monday night should be most interesting.

Boomer Sooner!

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