J.R.'s Superstar of the Week - Chris Jericho

J.R.'s Superstar of the Week - Chris Jericho

Greetings friends and neighbors from under the 200X, black Resistol hat from WWE's resident Okie, who can't believe that WrestleMania XXIV is only about a month away and is gaining more momentum by the day.

Yours truly thoroughly enjoyed the short trip Monday from Oklahoma to Arizona for Monday Night Raw and especially the fact that I got to celebrate Ric Flair's 59th birthday with him in Phoenix. Ric is genuinely moved to be going into the WWE Hall of Fame on March 29 in Orlando's Amway Arena; tickets become available to all this Saturday. The Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels bout has all the makings of a classic, and for those fans that automatically feel Flair can't beat HBK at WrestleMania XXIV, I would politely suggest that you think that matter through again. I would like to sit down someday with Ric and a camera crew and simply tell a few stories that we have shared over our near 30-year friendship, some of which I would not believe if I had not been there to witness them. It might make an entertaining DVD.

This week's Raw Superstar of the Week is one of the most underrated and arguably, underappreciated Superstars in WWE. Chris Jericho is our Raw Superstar of the Week this week, and for his efforts Chris will receive a gift pack from www.jrsbarbq.com, including a "I've Got Big Nuts" T-shirt that celebrates our entry into the peanut business. Chris has been a longtime user of our sauces, ketchup and honey mustard, and I have received many e-mails from him after successful grilling experiences from his palatial estate down in Florida. Jericho has qualified for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania XXIV, which automatically makes that much anticipated contest better. Any match that includes Jericho and Jeff Hardy has to be big time.    

Like the old TV game show host Jim Lange (The Dating Game), Raw General Manager William Regal -- yes, the one with the ever-growing "shemp" hairstyle -- did some admirable matchmaking Monday night. Regal is quietly establishing himself as one of the brand's best ever GMs, but let's never forget that he is a skilled in-ring competitor who would most likely rather be in the ring competing than matchmaking.

It seemed to be an interesting dynamic between WWE Champion Randy Orton and Mr. Kennedy early in the program when they conversed. "Ego-Mania's" running wild, brother! I wouldn't suggest buying a used car from either man. The old fishing story adage, "The first liar doesn't stand a chance," applies here.

In case you missed it, there was actually a tag team match going on while Jerry "The King" Lawler was incessantly verbalizing his desire to speak with Maria about her being in Playboy magazine, which hits newsstands on March 7. By the way, World Tag Team Champions Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes won the contest.

Santino Marella should still be angry with his barber. Mohawk chic.

It is hard to comprehend that Floyd "Money" Mayweather, Jr. is going to earn $20 million for his encounter with The World's Largest Athlete, Big Show, at WrestleMania. That's "serious money" where I come from and makes Mayweather the most famous Floyd since "Floyd the Barber" on the old Andy Griffith Show.  I assume Floyd's management team are brilliant individuals, but there is no well in hell I'm allowing my 155 pound fighter (albeit the greatest fighter in the world) to even get near Big Show inside a wrestling ring. Show has been embarrassed. And let's not forget that once this match is over in Orlando that Mayweather will go back to boxing and apparently prepare for Oscar De La Hoya in September while Big Show will have to live with the outcome of the WrestleMania XXIV encounter forever.

It was quite the moneyed summit Monday night at center ring when Mr. McMahon confronted JBL. I thought for a minute that JBL was going to try and leverage his way out of the dilemma that he was in by offering Mr. McMahon a lifetime supply of Mamajuana Energy. However, it was JBL who had the "dirt" on the Hornswoggle DNA controversy. Will we see conclusive proof of this outrageous allegation this Monday in Indianapolis? Will Mr. McMahon's family take exception to JBL's remarks or will their silence be a sign that the McMahon clan is guilty? Stay tuned as the plot thickens.

I assume someone reminded Umaga that he did not work by the hour in the Valley of the Sun as the rather large Samoan SUV made short work of Calgary's DH Smith. I still like Smith's long-term future but the son of the late Davey Boy Smith was in the wrong place at the wrong time Monday night in Phoenix. 

It was nice of Paul Burchill to seemingly offer up the "company" of his sister Katie Lea to Regal. Simply smashing, old boy. Our wonderful U.K. fans must be extremely proud of the actions of their countrymen and woman.

After HBK beat the impressive Lance Cade by disqualification due to the outside interference of Larry the Cable Guy, er, Trevor Murdoch, it was one of those great Raw moments when Flair and Michaels made history by agreeing to wrestle on Sunday March 30 at WrestleMania XXIV. Will there be a more eagerly anticipated bout on the entire event than this one? Many longtime fans would say no.

The announcement that The Rock was returning during WrestleMania weekend to induct his grandfather, Peter Maivia, and his father, Rocky Johnson, into the WWE Hall of Fame was huge news. The Great One will no doubt be a member of the WWE Hall of Fame himself someday, and his induction of his two family members will indeed be special. Dwayne Johnson has wrestling in his blood and will forever be remembered as one of the greatest sports-entertainers of all time. Did you catch The Rock as a presenter during last week's Oscar broadcast? Another milestone for the multi-talented actor, who will be featured in the upcoming comedy, Get Smart, coming to theaters in June. Rock is one of yours truly's all-time favorite people, and seeing him at the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony makes the weekend even more special. 

Scary thought: What if the King gets loaded up on Mamajuana prior to the Bunny Mania diva bout at WrestleMania XXIV? The King might even get the "yips" Monday night when Maria's giant-sized Playboy cover is unveiled.

Randy Orton started off Raw with RKOs to both Triple H and John Cena, and then Cena earned the deciding fall in the main event tag bout featuring him and The Game vs. Orton & Kennedy. And finally, finally, to close the evening's activities, Triple H watches as Kennedy Mic Checks Cena. So who has the advantage? The term "kissing one's sister" might apply here, but one thing is for sure: Gaining momentum going into WrestleMania XXIV is essential for all three men in the main event. Monday night in Indianapolis could be "very interesting," as Sgt. Schultz used to say.

We have started answering loads of e-mailed questions to www.jrsbarbq.com, which I hope you will check out. Plus, our weekly blogs contain thoughts on sports, politics, movies, current affairs, and of course, food.  

I'm heading to Indianapolis Sunday evening for a huge Raw, as every Monday night becomes more and more significant as we head into WrestleMania XXIV. Be well, and I hope to see everyone Monday night!



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