J.R.'s Superstar of the Week - Triple H

J.R.'s Superstar of the Week - Triple H

Greetings from under the black, 200X Resistol hat from WWE's resident Okie, who still gets just as excited about traveling east to New York City and Philadelphia, as was the case well over three decades ago, especially when the Royal Rumble awaits in Madison Square Garden on Sunday and with Monday Night Raw in an always rowdy Philly.

Last week was Raw's maiden voyage in HDTV and from what I have read, fans enjoyed the WWE's flagship broadcast in HD. Our local cable company, Cox Cable, doesn't offer USA Network in HD on our digital system, but hopefully they will at some point in the near future. Nonetheless, the HD aspect of the programming will be crisper and the color will pop more, but an unsightly blemish could be a disaster for a Diva or a male Superstar who acts like a Diva.

Male WWE Superstars will likely become viable candidates at their local spas for having their backs waxed, thanks to HD. Yours truly may become the first masked announcer who wears a black hat in WWE history as well. 

This week's Raw Superstar of the Week is a man who had to win Monday night in Hampton, Va., to qualify for the Royal Rumble Match. Triple H is this week's recipient of lovely gifts from www.jrsbarbq.com, including the "I've Got Big Nuts" T-shirt that promotes one of our newest items, our large, Oklahoma-grown peanuts. The Game is back in the game, no pun intended, and his presence will certainly get his 29 other adversaries' attention come Sunday on pay-per-view.

It was a great opening match Monday night from where I was sitting, with Shawn Michaels winning a close one over Mr. Kennedy in the first-ever HDTV bout on WWE programming. This will be the answer to a trivia question someday. Kennedy may have lost that particular bout, but the more he wrestles HBK the better he will get, regardless of the outcome. HBK has the chance to tie "Stone Cold" Steve Austin with three Royal Rumble Match victories if he can do it again Sunday night.

Virginia's own Mickie James took it mucho personal when she lost to the much bigger and stronger Glamazon. Mickie shouldn't be so hard on herself, as no one else has truly threatened Beth Phoenix as of yet, either. If Mickie is still grieving, I am certain that "Dr. Jerry," as in Lawler, will be most happy to listen to her issues on his amateur shrink's couch. 

It should be interesting to see how Hornswoggle McMahon fares Sunday night in his first foray in the Royal Rumble Match. OK, here it comes … the odds on "Horny" winning the Rumble are "short."

Hey kids, did you know that Finlay is from Belfast, Ireland, that he likes to fight, has known JBL for more than two decades and has some sort of covert "deal" with his fellow Irishman, the Chairman of WWE? I'm just providing the facts, ladies and gentlemen.

Chris Jericho's words Monday night were extremely succinct, which is refreshing in today's marketplace on TV, and he was intensely focused when addressing his issues with JBL, who conveniently was not at Raw Monday night. I look for a barroom brawl between Y2J and JBL in NYC.

Thanks to Raw GM William Regal, Ric Flair was missing in action Monday night. Just curious, but is Flair a member of SmackDown, Raw and ECW, or can "Naitch" simply go where he chooses? Flair will lose a match someday, one has to assume, but the question is, will it be this Sunday at the Royal Rumble against MVP? I would hate to be present when Ric's glorious career comes to an end, but that might be the case this Sunday.

It was great to see Brian Kendrick on Raw albeit only for a few, frantic moments. Umaga might have had a bigger lunch than Kendrick's size, but I like the duo of Paul London & Kendrick. They have some Rock-n-Roll/ Midnight Rocker tendencies to them.

Michael Buffer will not win the Royal Rumble, just to clear up that rumor. If you've got "Buffer" in your office pool, you lose.

Does Hardcore Holly dislike his tag team partner, Cody Rhodes, so much that he refuses to tag with him on Raw? Since winning the World Tag Team Titles have the champs defended their gold once on TV?

Earth to Santino: Just a suggestion, but you might want to keep your eye on noted ladies' man, Carlito, who seems to have taken a "shine" to the lovely Maria.

Damn, is that Mark Henry ever thick! Thicker than a case of ribs at J.R.'s Family Bar-B-Q Restaurant. And if Henry had not gotten so overzealous Monday night, he might have been able to toss Triple H over the top rope and make Mr. McMahon and GM Regal mighty happy.

OK, I know I made a mistake on air when I erroneously said that Hogan and The Game were the only two men in WWE history to hold the WWE and Intercontinental Titles simultaneously. Many folks were quick to jump on "my bad" throughout the Internet world, as the correct info should have been The Ultimate Warrior and Triple H, but during the heat of a battle I misspoke. No excuses on my end whatsoever, but Raw isn't golf, where normal conversations ensue, and sometimes being the fan that I am I get a little carried away. Just wait until you hear what I most likely will say this week after several cups of coffee to prepare to broadcast in The Garden. (Just a friendly warning.)

I have come up with a new and improved suggestion for the announce team to broadcast the Rumble Match -- Joey Styles, Jonathan Coachman and The King, which gives each brand representation. That way Michael Cole, Tazz and yours truly could go to the back in our exquisite dressing facilities, watch the Rumble Match closely and second-guess what we are hearing with a cold one or two. 

Yes, Jeff Hardy is "white-hot." No, I don't have a man crush on the No. 1 contender for the WWE Title. Realistically speaking, it seems to me that Hardy has Orton's number, and that Jeff has wormed his way into the WWE Champion's psyche. I definitely think Jeff can get to the Promised Land Sunday at the Royal Rumble, unless the younger Hardy tries one too many, ill-placed, high-risk, suicide-like maneuvers and crashes and burns. If I were a gambling man, I most likely would take Hardy "and the points," come Sunday at MSG. But again, the last time I was right (as I am often reminded by my Oklahoma friends) was 15 years ago when I married the missus.

Enjoy a HUGE WWE weekend, and don't forget to eat more "Q"!


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