J.R.'s Superstar of the Week - Umaga

J.R.'s Superstar of the Week - Umaga

Greetings from under the black, 200X Resistol hat from your BBQ lovin’ Okie who is still recovering from the Oklahoma Sooners’ Fiesta Bowl loss to Boise State. However, I have found that preparing for Sunday’s New Year’s Revolution has made the week go by faster, not withstanding attending a couple of “happy hours” and turning 55 on Wednesday. As “The King” says, “One can’t grieve forever,” and we turn our attention towards Kansas City…but not first without naming our highly prestigious “Raw Superstar of the Week”.

This week’s winner is the reason that K-Fed upset John Cena: Umaga.

Not an auspicious start of 2007 for the WWE Champion.  Is this a sign of things to come this Sunday at New Year’s Revolution? No one has defeated Umaga yet, so why should anyone automatically think that John Cena will FU his way to retaining the WWE Title in K.C. this Sunday?

Hey, what if Umaga wins Sunday, remains undefeated and then eventually goes to WrestleMania to meet Undertaker, who has never lost at ‘Mania?

Real old school wrestlers from back in the days of black, wool tights must have been spinning in their graves based on the ring attire worn by both Cena and Federline Monday night in Miami.

 By the way, Miami is a beautiful place to spend New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. You should try it sometime. However, I did leave home without my Speedo.

Who was the best team in the eight-man tag team match on New Year’s Night? For my money, it was Cade and Murdoch.

It was good to see Shaq in the front row Monday night. It will be even better to see him back in the Miami Heat’s lineup, which I am sure Heat coach Pat Riley is thinking. That seems to be essentially why Riley has taken a “leave of absence” in the middle of the season. 

We bid a “So long from the Sunshine State of Florida” to Rob Conway. The talented grappler is gone from Raw but he will hopefully reappear on SmackDown or ECW some time in the future. Rob, we hardly knew you.
Just a crazy thought/opinion, but if we heard more from Jeff Hardy he might rival anyone on Raw as it relates to popularity. Jeff and “Don’t Call Me Monday” Nitro will no doubt try and steal the show Sunday on pay-per-view (this should really be every Superstar’s goal). Plus, I promise Melina will shriek loudly, and King will say, “Don’t you like a screamer, J.R.?”

DX is angry, for the record, and I expect plenty of graphic violence, I mean aggression, when they step into the ring with Edge and Orton at New Year’s Revolution. I see “stitch people” wearing sanitary gloves.

Will Nick Saban be missed in South Florida? Highly unlikely. Saban may be too upscale to even try Dreamland BBQ in Tuscaloosa. 

Victoria challenging Mickie James should be quite the contest come Sunday. I’ve got the feeling it will be physical. I wish this could be a mixed tag with Rosie and Donald Trump competing. Did I say “mixed tag?”

Has anyone seen Carlito and Chris Masters?? They’re going to “Kansas City…Kansas City here they come!” But where are they now?!

I think Coach Bill Cowher would make a great General Manager for Raw. The “chin” of the Pittsburgh Steelers needs a break after 15 years. That’s easy to understand. By the way, do you think Cowher and Sgt. Slaughter are long lost cousins? (The chin…)

Rumor has it that Kenny Dykstra has a head band fetish and that he carries a baseball card of Mookie Wilson in his left wrestling boot.

I am looking forward to the Sunday/Monday WWE television events. Kansas City is a memorable city for many reasons, some sad some not, as is St. Louis for some of the same type of reasons. St. Louis was THE wrestling city in the Midwest for years thanks to the efforts of promoter Sam Muchnick. New Year’s Revolution is an intriguing enigma that has my interest, and Monday’s Raw will follow suit.

All in all it could be a very interesting weekend for the WWE’s flagship brand, Raw. That’s as in the “A” Show, the Mother ship, the Main Event, The Showstopper, the top rated weekly show on cable television in America, etc, etc, etc. But that is just one man’s opinion and I could be wrong…but not likely.

Man, I’ve got to get on the decaf earlier in the day.
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