Remembering Fabulous Moolah

Remembering Fabulous Moolah

Former Women's Champion Victoria remembers the greatest Women's Champion of all time, Fabulous Moolah:

It's a big loss for the sports-entertainment world. I was very close with Moolah and Mae. We have them to thank for our Women's division. They paved the way, got in there and kicked ass.

She was a very sweet lady. On her 80th birthday, I remember, she wanted to have a wrestling match and of course, yours truly, had a match with her. I think I'm one of the privileged who was able to wrestle such a legend. I'm just so sad; I'm starting to tear up.

I'd like to thank Moolah for paving the way to make the Divas what we are today; we're wrestlers, not just beautiful bodies. She sacrificed herself and her wellbeing to make it possible for us to go out there and be respected. I'll miss her and I loved her.

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