Remembering Fabulous Moolah

Remembering Fabulous Moolah

WWE ring announcer Howard Finkel remembers his longtime friend and colleague, Fabulous Moolah:

We lost one of the leaders and pioneers of women's wrestling in The Fabulous Moolah. When anybody thinks of women's wrestling, the first name that always comes to mind is Fabulous Moolah.

What I remember most about Lillian was her win-at-any-cost attitude in the ring. But outside the ring, she was as charming as can be. She was a real southern belle, and she was so sweet and friendly that you always felt like family when you were around her. That's what made her so unique -- she was all business in the ring, always giving 150 percent. But outside the ring, she was the sweetest, kindest person. She would do anything for you.

I feel lucky to have developed a wonderful relationship with Lillian over the years. I first met her in 1977 when I started ring announcing, and she instantly blended right into the fabric with me.

I will always remember the way she went into battle with so much fervor and zest, even when her appearances became more of a cameo role. I will miss that about her. I will miss her kindness, sweetness and veracity. She will truly be missed.

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