Remembering Fabulous Moolah

Remembering Fabulous Moolah

Former female wrestler Donna Christanello remembers her longtime friend and the woman who trained her, Fabulous Moolah:

I worked for Lillian since 1963 when I came to North Carolina to wrestle. She was not only someone I worked for, she was my chosen sister. I have a brother and a sister, but Lillian was my chosen sister. She's been a lifelong friend.

I came to North Carolina to learn to wrestle, and when we met each other, it just seemed like we were meant to be friends. No matter what little quirks we had, we accepted each other for how we were.

Insofar as wrestling is concerned, Lillian loved it. She would eat, drink and sleep wrestling. Nothing meant more to her in her life than her family and wrestling. You couldn't watch anything in the house unless it was wrestling. Her family and wrestling, that was her life.

Outside of the ring, Lillian taught me all about friendship. She was just like her ring name, Fabulous.

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