Skaaland celebrated

Skaaland celebrated

The world of sports-entertainment laments the passing of "Golden Boy" Arnold Skaaland, but today is a day where many are celebrating the life of the late WWE Hall of Famer.

"There are so many complimentary things you could say about Arnie," said WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon. "But knowing Arnie, he would want to be remembered for what he truly was—a good man and a tough son-of-a-bitch."

Legendary ring announcer Howard Finkel's first encounter with Skaaland took place in the late 1960s at a WWWF event. There as a fan, "The Fink" met Skaaland at the show and was put to work by the WWE Hall of Famer, taking jackets that night.

"He gave me a chance," said Finkel. "Arnold was a happy-go-lucky, giving and caring individual in the years that I knew him. He was loyal to his profession, loyal to WWE and a tremendous guy to be around."

Finkel described the late Skaaland as "one of the toughest, barebones individuals" he ever saw compete, whose no-nonsense attitude was reflected in the plain pair of black tights he donned in the ring.

Later in his career, Skaaland brought his prowess into the managerial realm where he represented both Bruno Sammartino and Bob Backlund.

"It was always a pleasure to introduce the "Golden Boy" in those days," Finkel added. "He did it all. This man brought a wealth of knowledge and savvy about our industry to the table. He was a rare breed." also spoke with a slew of other WWE Legends who worked alongside Skaaland in the golden age of sports-entertainment.

Fabulous Moolah:
"Arnie was a good man, a good sport, and he was great for the business. He deserved everything that he got because he worked hard for the business, and he respected it. Arnie loved the McMahons, and he was one of my best friends, always kind and good to me. I loved him."

Captain Lou Albano:
"He was a great guy, a great entertainer and a good friend. I wrestled him and managed against him many times, I've known him for 50 years. God bless him…I'll see him again someday."

Dusty Rhodes:
"Arnie exemplified what our industry is all about. His impact will be felt for many, many years to come. He was a really likable guy who loved his cards and cigars. Arnie was a cool guy and he will be missed."

Tony Garea:
"When I first came into WWWF, Arnold was a producer. I traveled with him on many occasions up and down the New England highways off and on for close to a decade. In the many decades he wrestled, I actually wrestled him myself several times too. He was a very straight-forward person. I'm sorry to hear he has left us, and I will see him again soon."

Check back with for updates as more WWE Superstars - past and present - celebrate the career and life of "Golden Boy" Arnold Skaaland.

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