Maria by design

Maria by design

ORLANDO, Fla. -- "Who are you wearing tonight?"

It's a question that often rings out across red carpets at awards shows. For one Diva, though, the answer provided particular glee.

"I designed this dress myself," Maria told

"I was going for a sweet and innocent look," explained Maria, who also sewed every last stitch of the outfit. "I just did Playboy, and I wanted to let fans know that I'm still sweet and innocent underneath it all. I wanted to look like a bride. After all, what's more sweet and innocent than a bride?"

The design, something Maria described as a "deconstructed bride," was created using multiple materials, including stretch linen and tulle.

"I haven't had much time lately," explained Maria of her hectic schedule. "I literally finished this dress at 5:30 this morning."

Maria, who named Dolce & Gabbana as her favorite design team, made sure to give a special shout-out to Project Runway's Chris March, who adorned the Diva in leopard skin as part of an episode of the Bravo reality show.

Not only was tonight's dress a point of pride for Maria, it was also a hit with our fans, who let the fashion-forward Diva know just how gorgeous she looked in her self-made creation.

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