Flair of emotion

Flair of emotion

ORLANDO -- It's a star-studded night at the Amway Arena in Orlando -- the site of the 2008 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. But more importantly, it's an emotional setting for those being inducted and their families -- especially the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair.

While spouses, parents, siblings, children and lifelong friends gather beside the latest Hall of Fame Inductees and WWE Superstars, the emotion is clear on the faces of Ric Flair's two sons, David and Reid.

"I just can't believe it," said Flair's oldest son, David. "I know my father's been in the business a long time, and it just comes down to tonight. All the memories and everything … it's just really overwhelming."

Amid the congratulatory greetings of modern-day competitors, WWE Legends and producers, David described how touched he is by the evening at hand.

"[My father has] breathed, ate and slept wrestling for 36 years," he added, with a tell-tale grin. "They told me the arena is sold out tonight, and I know a lot of people have come here to pay tribute to him and watch him added to the WWE Hall of Fame."

David's younger brother, Reid, shared a similar sentiment. While perched atop a rolling case in the backstage area, the Nature Boy's youngest son appeared heavy in thought -- even a little anxious for the festivities.

"[My dad's] happy, he's excited, a little nervous too," Reid explained, "but he feels honored. Words really can't express how he feels tonight."

Reid candidly described his father's genuine passion for sports-entertainment and how the ultimate distinction tonight will be a tearfully joyous moment in the Nature Boy's career -- and life.

"I'm just honored to be here and I'm happy for my dad. I hope he does a great job tonight, he always does."

He continued, "More or less, I'm just proud to be here and proud to call myself his son."

Be sure to catch exclusive coverage of the WWE Hall of Fame on WWE.com and tune in to witness the final hour of the ceremony on USA Network at 11 ET/8 PT.

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