Is Kaitlyn jealous of AJ?

Is Kaitlyn jealous of AJ?

In this month’s “WWE Magazine,” AJ gives dating advice on how to move out of the “friend zone.” Well, AJ, your own “friend zone” may have gotten a little bit smaller. Cue the Taylor Swift break-up song. It's cry time.

There’s an unwritten law that women BFFs like to use: sisters before misters. No matter who comes in your life and shows romantic interest – your best friend should never be left out to dry. And with the budding romance between Mr. Money in the Bank Daniel Bryan and the pint-sized warrior, Kaitlyn is the BFF letting the "mister" come in between her "sister." 

embedcolon25046615Now, it's become increasingly evident that AJ's recent run of losses at the hands of Divas Champion Beth Phoenix and her cohort Natalya have left the season three WWE NXT winner fed-up. On commentary, it was said Kaitlyn felt Daniel Bryan was taking away AJ's focus from the matches at hand - and costing them valuable wins in the Divas division.

Why are these wins so important? With Beth Phoenix and Natalya running roughshod over the division, a chance to show their stuff against the pin-up strong duo is quite the opportunity - one Kaitlyn feels AJ squashed.

Kaitlyn knows AJ's dream - ever since sitting in Madison Square Garden with her father (READ), AJ has wanted to become a Diva. Best friends know the 411. They encourage you to reach your dreams. They tell you when you hair might be a little bit too "poofy," chastize you for listening to Kreayshawn's "Gucci, Gucci," on repeat while travelling and tell you that "of course your plaid matches your outfit." But, best friends do not walk away when the other is in trouble. Once as a lesson, maybe. But twice? Kaitlyn may be letting the evil eyes of jealousy dictate what's happening in the squared circle.


So, all you "Chickbusters" fans, it might be time for Kaitlyn and AJ to get out of the mall photo booth and onto Dr. Phil. Kaitlyn was given an amazing opportunity by winning WWE NXT and earning a coveted spot in the Divas Division. But if she keeps letting "puppy love" fuel the flames in the ring, she might just be squashing her opportunity of a lifetime.

Chicks. Busted.

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